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Chemistry Guru specialises in A Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore and can dramatically improve your results!

The SEVEN reasons why Chemistry Guru can provide the Best JC Chemistry Tuition for you:

1. Highly qualified and experienced A Level Chemistry tutor

All the classes are personally taught by Maverick Puah the Chemistry Guru.

He has been teaching hundreds of students and Making Chemistry Simpler since 2010.

And that's not all.

Maverick Puah has dedicated his life to teaching and he has the top credentials to give you the best H2 Chem Tuition.

Read more about Maverick Puah to find out why he is one of the most popular H2 Chemistry tutor in Singapore! 

2. Stellar track record since 2010 for H2 Chemistry Tuition

Chemistry Guru's students have consistently attained 70-80% Distinction in A Levels for H2 Chem.

For 2017 his students have achieved an impressive 82.8% Distinction.

But here's the real deal:

Many of his students were from non-elite junior colleges and schools.

Some of them did not even have O Level Pure Chemistry background.

But that didn't stop Maverick Puah from inspiring them to achieve fantastic results year after year.

Take a look at the results and testimonials and discover why hundreds of students have attended his classes!

3. Concise H2 Chemistry notes and well paced lessons

The resources prepared by Chemistry Guru are well curated and follow the new H2 Chemistry Syllabus precisely.

Students often prefer Maverick Puah's summary notes to their school's lecture notes which contain too much content.

Maverick Puah's JC Chem Tuition lessons are straight to the point and crystal clear.

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Don't just take our word for it:

Watch his video lessons online and witness how he makes Chemistry concepts simpler to understand.

No wonder he has attracted 1000+ subscribers on his YouTube Channel!

4. Registered with MOE and Accessible location at Bishan

Chemistry Guru Academy is registered with MOE (Certificate of Registration of School No. 4300).

The centre is conveniently located at Bishan Central, within walking distance from Bishan MRT Station.

5. Flexible class schedule and make-up lessons available

We offer several class timing for you to choose from.

So there's definitely a slot that can fit your busy schedule.

But what if you missed a lesson due to sick leave or CCA commitment?

Fret not.

Our classes are at the same pace for each week.

You can attend a make-up class in the same week so you will not lose out on any content.

Check out the class timing, topics covered and fees for our JC1 Classes and JC2 Classes.

We also offer online tuition lessons for selected JC1 topics!

Learn H2 Chemistry anytime, anywhere with internet access. Find out more information here.

6. Free consultation after class or via Whatsapp

Maverick Puah is always available for consultation after class for students to clarify their doubts.

He is also a Whatsapp message away when students have questions with regards to their school work.

The result:

His students have a solid understanding of H2 Chem concepts and are well prepared for their exams.

7. Trial Lesson available

Witness for yourself how Chemistry Guru makes Chemistry simpler for hundreds of students since 2010.

Sign up for a trial lesson today!