#1 JC, A Level, H2 Chemistry Tuition Singapore

Chemistry Guru provides the best IP & JC Chemistry tuition in Singapore since 2010.

We are featured in Raffles Press as the most recognised A Level H2 Chemistry tuition centre among RI and HCI students.

We are also the first to offer effective online tuition for Chemistry since 2018.

Why hundreds of parents and students trust us since 2010:

- all classes conducted personally by Singapore's top Chemistry tutor Maverick Puah

- improvement by at least 3 grades and countless distinctions for A Levels

- affordable fees at $360/month for Bishan classes and $280/month for webinar classes

- effective online webinars to save on cost and travelling time without compromising teaching quality

- online video lessons available for make-up so students will never miss out on any content

- huge online resource of past prelim questions for additional practice and revision

JC Chemistry Tuition, top Chemistry tutor Maverick Puah

What Chemistry Guru Offers

Here is the comparison of our regular and online lessons available:

  Regular Classes   

LIVE Webinars (Most Popular!)

  On-Demand Video Lessons 
Location   Bishan   Online via Zoom   Online
Level   JC1 and JC2   JC1 and JC2   Pre-JC, JC1 and JC2
Frequency   Weekly (2 hr)   Weekly (1hr 45min)   On-demand
Fees   $360 per month   $280 per month   Pay by topic. Bundle discount up to 25% OFF
Payment mode   Cash, Cheque, PayNow   PayPal, credit card via online portal   PayPal, credit card via online portal
Trial   $50   Free   Free sample videos before purchase
WhatsApp consultation   Yes   Yes   Yes

Weekly Chemistry Tuition Bishan

Our weekly regular classes are ideal to build a strong foundation and ace your exams!

Chemistry Guru Academy is registered with MOE (Certificate of Registration of School No. 4300).

We are located at Bishan Central, within walking distance from Bishan MRT Station.

View our location on GoogleMaps or Apple Maps for iOS users.

Sign up now for a trial lesson at $50 only (half price promotion)!

Register now and enjoy a promotional locked-in rate of $360 for a four-week month and $450 for a five-week month.

Check out the class timing and topics covered for our popular JC1 Classes and JC2 Classes.

Our comprehensive JC2 revision for A Levels will commence in mid July! Seats at Bishan are very limited so secure your slots now!

Weekly LIVE Webinars

More than 60% of students chose to attend our weekly LIVE webinars! Here's why:

- convenience of online learning and save on travelling time

- discounted rates compared to physical classes

- equally effective learning with no compromise to teaching quality

weekly live webinar by chemistry guru

Fees for our LIVE webinars are at an incredible rate of $280 for a four-week month or $350 for a five-week month only!

Find out more about our weekly LIVE webinars and sign up for a FREE trial now!

On-Demand Video Lessons Online

Learn H2 Chemistry online anytime, anywhere and at your own pace!

On-demand video lessons for the entire A Level Chemistry Syllabus are available for instant purchase.

chemistry guru online lessons for a level h2 chemistry

Our on-demand lessons are perfect for students who:

- are planning to study A Level Chemistry and want a headstart in learning the topics

- want the flexibility and convenience of learning anywhere, anytime and at their own pace

- are budget conscious and want to save on travelling time

Enjoy greater savings with further discounts of the following bundles:

- 25% OFF for ALL topics in A Level H2 Chemistry Syllabus

- 20% OFF for JC1 Core Ideas Foundation Bundle

- 20% OFF for Organic Chemistry Bundle

- 20% OFF for Physical Chemistry Bundle

- 15% OFF for Inorganic Chemistry Bundle

Find out more information about our on-demand video lessons.

Why Choose Chemistry Guru

Experienced and Dedicated Tutor

Maverick is one of Singapore's most established A Level Chemistry tuition teacher.

He has more than 10 years of teaching experience and is featured in:

- Kiasu Parents for providing free online video lessons for JC students

- TNP for providing concise lessons since 2010

A level Chemistry Tuition Singapore, weekly IP & JC Chemistry tuition Bishan, featured in TNP

Maverick conducts all his classes personally to maintain high teaching quality.

He insists on teaching in smaller class size so lessons can be more engaging.

Maverick makes his lessons simple to understand.

He has been teaching online since 2015 and his online lessons are easy to follow.

Many of his videos are available for free via his A Level Chemistry video lessons.

Check out the video lessons for the following topics.

New videos are uploaded every week.

Past Zoom Webinars

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

2019 A Level H2 Chemistry Paper 1 Solutions

2018 A Level H2 Chemistry Paper 1 Solutions

2017 A Level H2 Chemistry Paper 1 Solutions

Students can download free Organic Chemistry concept maps here.

His YouTube Channel is also immensely popular with more than 9000 subscribers!

After a topic is taught, the online video lessons for that topic are assigned to students for revision and make-up lessons.

Maverick is always available for consultation via WhatsApp when students have questions with their school work.

H2 chemistry tuition, good chemistry tuition teacher

Due to his learner-centred approach, students find Maverick a patient and caring tutor.

Find out more about Maverick and his credentials here.

Stellar Track Record Since 2010

Maverick does not cherry-pick students from elite schools and welcome students from all JCs.

Many of them were doing poorly in tests and discouraged with their E, S or even U grades.

But with proper guidance from Maverick, they started to understand the subject and regain their confidence.

Maverick's students have consistently shown improvement in their A Level results by at least 3 grades.

Countless students have achieved distinctions.

Testimonial from Joan Koh, RI:

IP Chemistry Tuition, student testimonial Joan

Testimonial from Oh Jin Hui, AJC (now ASRJC):

Chemistry tuition Singapore, student testimonials jinhui

Testimonial from Joy Eng, VJC:

Chemistry tuition Bishan, student testimonials joy

Take a look at the 100+ results and testimonials from his appreciative students.

Find out why he is such a good Chemistry tuition teacher!

More Info

View Maverick's full qualifications and credentials.

Take a look at the results and testimonials and discover why hundreds of students have attended Maverick's classes.

Check out the class timing, topics covered and fees for our JC1 Classes and JC2 Classes.

Need a structured programme with the convenience of online learning? Our weekly LIVE webinars are perfect for you!

Learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace! On-demand lessons are now available at half the cost of conventional class tuition.

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