2020 P1 Q25 - Deducing Name and Reactions of Amide

Let's take a look at 2020 A Levels H2 Chemistry Paper 1 Question 25.

2020 p1 q25 question

We are asked to determine which of the following statements about amide C3H7CONH2 is correct.

A. Its name is propanamide.

2020 p1 q25 option A

There are 4 carbons in this amide so its name should be butanamide instead.

Hence statement A is not true.

B. When heated with NaOH(aq), it will form sodium propanoate.

2020 p1 q25 option B

Since we know the amide is butanamide, it will form sodium butanoate when hydrolysed in alkaline medium.

Hence statement B is not true.

C. When heated with H2SO4(aq), it will form butanoic acid.

2020 p1 q25 option C

On acidic hydrolysis, butanamide will form butanoic acid and ammonium ion.

Hence statement C is true.

D. It can be formed using butanoic acid and NH3(aq) at room temperature.

2020 p1 q25 option D

When NH3(aq) is added to butanoic acid at room temperature, neutralisation will take place instead of condensation.

This is because neutralisation occurs at much milder conditions.

The products will be ammonium butanoate instead of butanamide.

In order to form butanamide, we need to convert butanoic acid to butanoyl chloride using PCl5 or SOCl2 anhydrous.

Then conc NH3 can be added to butanoyl chloride at room temperature to form butanamide.

Hence statement D is not true.

We can now look at our options and determine that option C is the best answer.

2020 p1 q25 answer

Here are the must-know reactions of nitrogen compounds such as amine, phenylamine and amides for A Level Chemistry syllabus.

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