2020 A Level H2 Chemistry Paper 1 Suggested Solutions

Here are the suggested solutions for 2020 A Level H2 Chemistry Paper 1 by Singapore's top JC Chemistry tutor Maverick Puah the Chemistry Guru.

P1 Q1 - Deducing number of d-orbitals with 4 lobes

P1 Q2 - Deducing Group from Successive Ionisation Energies

P1 Q3 - Deducing Charge of Ion from Proton, Neutron and Electron Number

P1 Q4 - Comparing Boiling Points of C5H12 Isomers

P1 Q5 - Deducing Temperature and Boiling Point of Mixture

P1 Q6 - Compare PV against V Graph for Equal Masses of Gases

P1 Q7 - Determine Partial Pressure of HI in Equilibrium Mixture

P1 Q8 - Thermal Decomposition of Group 2 Carbonates

P1 Q9 - Determine Empirical Formula of Boron Carbide

P1 Q10 - Deduce Concentration Time Graph for Zero Order Reaction

P1 Q11 - Deduce Feasibility at Different Temperatures

P1 Q12 - Compare Rate and Determine Volume of CO2 formed

P1 Q13 - Determine Initial H2O2 Concentration for First Order Reaction

P1 Q14 - Deduce Enthalpy Change by Comparing Kc at Different Temperatures

P1 Q15 - Determine Suitable Indicator for Equivalence Point

P1 Q16 - Interpreting Mechanism from Energy Profile Diagram

P1 Q17 - Describing Constitutional Isomers

P1 Q18 - Deducing Number of Chiral Carbons

P1 Q19 - Free Radical Substitution of Ozone

P1 Q20 - Deducing Reactions in Catalytic Converter

P1 Q21 - Comparing Reactivity of Chloro Compounds with AgNO3

P1 Q22 - Deducing Identity of Carbonyl Compound V

P1 Q23 - Deducing Functional Group in Compound T

P1 Q24 - Comparing Basicity of Amines

P1 Q25 - Deducing Name and Reactions of Amide

P1 Q26 - Deducing Functional Groups that React with NaOH

P1 Q27 - Hydrogen Oxygen Fuel Cell in Alkaline Medium

P1 Q28 - Deduce Moles of Oxygen Gas Released at Anode

P1 Q29 - Arrangement of Dative Bonds for Octahedral Complex

P1 Q30 - Deduce Density and Melting Point of Vanadium

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