2021 A Level H2 Chemistry Paper 1 Suggested Solutions

Here are the suggested solutions for the recent 2021 A Level H2 Chemistry Paper 1 by Singapore's top JC Chemistry tutor Maverick Puah the Chemistry Guru.

P1 Q1 - Deflection of Subatomic Particle through Electric Field

P1 Q2 - Determine Group and Nucleon Number of Q

P1 Q3 - Comparing Ionisation Energies of Different Elements

P1 Q4 - Deducing Group of Elements using Successive IE

P1 Q5 - Comparing Bond Energy and Bond Length for Hydrocarbons

P1 Q6 - Deduce Shape and Polarity of Molecules

P1 Q7 - Compare Boiling Point of Simple Molecules

P1 Q8 - Describing Dalton's Law

P1 Q9 - Solubility and Acid Base Reaction of Silicon Dioxide

P1 Q10 - Determining Greatest Number of Molecules

P1 Q11 - Calculating Enthalpy Change of Neutralisation

P1 Q12 - Deduce Change in Rate of Forward Reaction when POE shifts

P1 Q13 - Deduce Rate Equation for Hydrogen and Halogen Reaction

P1 Q14 - Deduce Number of Stereoisomers

P1 Q15 - Free Radical Substitution of Methylpropane

P1 Q16 - Electrophilic Addition of Propene

P1 Q17 - Electrophilic Substitution of Methylbenzene

P1 Q18 - Compare Reactivity of Halogenoalkanes

P1 Q19 - Silver Nitrate Test for Halogenoalkanes

P1 Q20 - Deduce Reactants of DOTP

P1 Q21 - Compare Basicity of Amines

P1 Q22 - Explain why Amides are Neutral

P1 Q23 - Deduce Structure of Amide X

P1 Q24 - Deduce Formula of Glycine at pH 13

P1 Q25 - Deduce Redox Reaction between Chromite and Oxygen

P1 Q26 - How to increase Cell Potential

P1 Q27 - How to Calculate Avogadro Constant from Electrolysis Data

P1 Q28 - Calculate Increase in Mass of Cathode during Electrolysis

P1 Q29 - Determine Redox Reaction between Zn and VO2+

P1 Q30 - Compare Properties between s-block and Transition Metal

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