2021 P1 Q30 - Compare Properties between s-block and Transition Metals

Let's take a look at our final question for 2021 A Levels H2 Chemistry Paper 1 Question 30.

2021 p1 q30 question

We are required to deduce which properties of rhenium are typical of a transition element.

Let's compare the melting point and density between s-block metal and transition metal.

2021 p1 q30 compare properties

1. Melting Point

Transition metals have higher melting points as they can delocalise electrons from s-subshell and d-subshell.

They will form more positively charged cations attracting a bigger sea of delocalised electrons, metallic bonds are stronger hence higher melting point than s-block metal like calcium.

Rhenium with high melting point of 3180oC is typical of a transition element.

2. Density

Transition metals have higher density since they have bigger mass number and smaller radii.

This means the transition metal atoms are more closely packed per unit volume which contributes to their higher density as compared to s-block metals.

Rhenium with high density of 21 020 kg m-3 is typical of a transition element.

Therefore the answer to this question is option D (both properties 1 and 2).

2021 p1 q30 answer

Topic: Transition Elements, Inorganic Chemistry, A Level Chemistry, Singapore

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