A Level Chemistry 2017 Paper 1 Question 15 Solution - Exclusive

In this exclusive video we want to discuss the suggested solution for A Levels Chemistry (H2 Chemistry) 2017 Paper 1 Question 15.

Let's take a look at this question:

A Level H2 Chemistry 2017 Paper 1 Qn 15 Question

The topic tested in this question is on Solubility Product.

We can first write down the dissociation of sparingly soluble salt PbCrO4 and let x be the solubility of this salt.

So at equilibrium the concentration of Pb2+ and CrO42- will both be x.

A Level H2 Chemistry 2017 Paper 1 Qn 15 dissociation of salt

We can then express the Ksp in terms of solubility and solve for Ksp since solubility x is known.

A Level H2 Chemistry 2017 Paper 1 Qn 15 Ksp working

We can then compare the answer to the options and determine the answer is A.

Check out this video for the full solution and detailed calculation!

Topic: Solubility Product, Physical Chemistry, A Level Chemistry, Singapore

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