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Our on-demand lessons are perfect for students who:

- want the flexibility and convenience of learning A Level Chemistry anywhere, anytime and at their own pace

- have a busy schedule and want to save on travelling time

- want a headstart in learning H2 Chemistry topics

- need a detailed crash course for selected topics

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Five great reasons why ChemGuru On-Demand is your choice for convenience and flexibility:

1. Follow the same topics covered in your school and learn at your own pace

2. Save time and money with affordable rates at half the cost of conventional class tuition

3. High quality videos with summary notes that you can keep for 2 years for rewatching and additional practice questions with solutions provided

4. Free consultation via WhatsApp with bundle purchase

5. Discounts for course bundles at up to 25% OFF.

Check out a sample video lesson on Born-Haber Cycle (Energetics):

Topics and Fees

JC1 Core Ideas Foundation Topics

P01. Mole Concept and Solution Stoichiometry (S$100)

P02. Redox Titrations (S$100)

P03. Atomic Structure (S$150)

P04. Chemical Bonding (S$250)

P05. Intermolecular Forces (S$150)

P06. Gaseous State (S$100)

P07. Energetics (S$250)

P08. Kinetics (S$150)

P09. Chemical Equilibria (S$150)

Advanced Physical Chemistry

P10. Ionic Equilibria (S$200)

P11. Buffer and Titration Curve (S$250)

P12. Solubility Product (S$150)

P13. Electrochemistry (S$350)

Organic Chemistry

O01. Introduction to Organic Chemistry (S$200)

O02. Alkanes (S$100)

O03. Alkenes (S$150)

O04. Arenes (S$100)

O05. Halogenoalkanes (S$150)

O06. Alcohols (S$200)

O07. Carbonyl Compounds (S$150)

O08. Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives (S$200)

O09. Nitrogen Compounds and Proteins (S$200)

Inorganic Chemistry

I01. Periodicity (S$100)

I02. Group 2 and 17 Elements (S$100)

I03. Transition Elements (S$200)

Bundle Discounts

Purchase our course bundles to gain instant access to all topics at huge discounts!

All A Levels 25 Topics Bundle (P01 to P13, O01 to O09, I01 to I03) at S$3150 only at 25% OFF (original price S$4200)

ALL JC1 Core Topics (P01 to P09) at S$1120 only at 20% OFF (original price S$1400)

JC1 Core Topics Part 1 (P01 to P05) at S$637.50 only at 15% OFF

JC1 Core Topics Part 2 (P06 to P09) at S$552.50 only at 15% OFF

ALL Organic Chem Topics (O01 to O09) at S$1160 only at 20% OFF (original price S$1450)

Organic Chem Part 1 (O01 to O05) at S$595 only at 15% OFF

Organic Chem Part 2 (O06 to O09) at S$637.50 only at 15% OFF

Advanced Physical Chem Bundle (P10 to P13) at S$760 only at 20% OFF (original price S$950)

Inorganic Chem Bundle (I01 to I03) at S$340 only at 15% OFF (original price S$400)

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