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Our on-demand lessons are perfect for students who:

- want the flexibility and convenience of learning A Level Chemistry anywhere, anytime and at their own pace

- have a busy schedule and want to save on travelling time

- want a headstart in learning H2 Chemistry topics

- need a detailed crash course for selected topics 

Five great reasons why ChemGuru On-Demand is your choice for convenience and flexibility:

1. Follow the same topics covered in your school and learn at your own pace

2. Save time and money with affordable rates at half the cost of conventional class tuition

3. High quality videos with summary notes that you can keep for 2 years for rewatching and additional practice questions with solutions provided

4. Free consultation via WhatsApp with bundle purchase

5. Discounts for course bundles at up to 25% OFF.


Topics and Fees

JC1 Core Ideas Foundation Topics

 Code      Topic      Price      Sample Video
 P01    Mole Concept and Solution Stoichiometry    $100    sample-p01
 P02    Redox Titrations    $100    sample-p02
 P03    Atomic Structure    $150    sample-p03
 P04    Chemical Bonding    $250    sample-p04
 P05    Intermolecular Forces    $150    sample-p05
 P06    Gaseous State    $100    sample-p06
 P07    Energetics    $250    sample-p07
 P08    Kinetics    $150    sample-p08
 P09    Chemical Equilibria    $150    sample-p09


Advanced Physical Chemistry

 Code     Topic     Price     Sample Video
 P10    Ionic Equilibria    $200    sample-p10
 P11    Buffer and Titration Curve    $250    sample-p11
 P12    Solubility Product    $150    sample-p12
 P13    Electrochemistry    $350    sample-p13


Organic Chemistry

 Code     Topic     Price     Sample Video
 O01    Introduction to Organic Chemistry    $200    sample-o01
 O02    Alkanes    $100    sample-o02
 O03    Alkenes    $150    sample-o03
 O04    Arenes    $100    sample-o04
 O05    Halogenoalkanes    $150    sample-o05
 O06    Alcohols    $200    sample-o06
 O07    Carbonyl Compounds    $150    sample-o07
O08    Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives    $200    sample-o08
O09    Nitrogen Compounds and Proteins    $200    sample-o09


Inorganic Chemistry

 Code     Topic     Price     Sample Video
 I01    Periodicity    $100    sample-i01
 I02    Group 2 and 17 Elements    $100    sample-i02
 I03    Transition Elements    $200    sample-i03


Bundle Discounts

Purchase our course bundles for all topics at huge discounts!

Code      Bundle Name      Course Codes      Discount      Original Price      Discount Price
B25    All A Levels 25 Topics    P01 - P13, O01 - O09, I01 - I03    25% OFF    $4200    $3150
BCA   ALL JC1 Core Topics    P01 - P09    20% OFF    $1400    $1120
BC1   JC1 Core Topics Part 1    P01 - P05    15% OFF    $750    $637.50
BC2   JC1 Core Topics Part 2    P06 - P09    15% OFF    $650    $552.50
BPA   Advanced Physical Chem    P10 - P13    20% OFF    $950    $760
BOA   ALL Organic Chem Topics    O01 - O09    20% OFF    $1450    $1160
BO1   Organic Chem Part 1    O01 - O05    15% OFF    $700    $595
BO2   Organic Chem Part 2    O06 - O09    15% OFF    $750    $637.50
BIA   Inorganic Chem    I01 - I03    15% OFF    $400    $340


Payment for On-Demand Lessons

Payment is made via PayNow. After payment is confirmed, a link will be sent to sign up for Google Classroom.

All resources are hosted at Google Classroom.

You can access purchased video lessons, notes and additional practice questions with solutions for 2 years.

Student Testimonials for Online Lessons

Read the testimonials of our students who attended our online lessons and found that learning online is equally effective!

“Thank you Mr Puah I got an A for Chemistry Thank you for your notes they were very useful for revising the subject and your lesson were also easy to understand.” - Zhou Jiashun, EJC, 2022/23

“Hi Mr Puah, thanks for being my chemistry tutor for about 2 years. Thanks for always answering my long winded questions and always helping me with your detailed notes. I managed to get A for chemistry, once again thank you!” - David Philip, RJC, 2022/23

“Hi Mr Puah, I scored an A in Chemistry! Thank you for being a patient and dedicated teacher. I appreciate your very thorough explanations. You showed how seemingly unrelated topics can be interconnected, which gave me the right mindset for solving novel application questions and really improved my understanding. The notes you gave were easy to understand, and your quizzes made lessons fun. Your Kahoot quiz on organic chem R&C was especially useful during my last-minute revision. Thanks to your guidance, I made a great improvement from C in prelims. I would definitely recommend your classes to future students.” - Iyer Varun Ravi, TMJC, 2022/23

“hi mr puah!! I scored an A for chemistry alevel and I would like to thank you for tutoring me in chemistry! You made chemistry much easier for me to understand and I really enjoyed the lessons, especially the kahoot sessions!! Thank you for always being there when I have questions that I am unsure of. I’ve always recommended your tuition lessons to my friends because I’m impressed at how this tuition helped me to improve my grades and understanding of chemistry tremendously!” - Fay Ong, VJC, 2022/23

“Hey Mr Puah! I got an A for my H2 chem. I'd like to thank you for your informative lessons over the past year! They've helped me tremendously!” - Kalkin Kumar, VJC, 2022/23

"mr puah’s lessons are really easy to follow and he is able to effectively unpack difficult questions for his students to understand. he also provides a range of extra materials for students! i really admire how he links different topics together using different concepts and formulas, which comes in handy when tackling questions targeting a multitude of concepts from different topics. lastly, his summary sheets and mock papers makes it easy to study for examinations! i am thankful for mr puah’s guidance in helping me achieve an A in h2 chemistry" - Charlene Tay, RJC, 2021/22

"mr puah i got A for chem! it was so unexpected considering i got a D for prelims. thank u so much for your help and guidance the past few months even though i joined really late into the year " - Wong Ai Chi, RJC, 2021/22

"Hi Mr Puah, I managed to get A for chem! Thanks for tutoring me over the past year:) Mr Puah's lessons are fun and engaging. Through the weekly webinars, I managed to learn and apply chemistry knowledge in both exams and real world situations. I have also gained greater confidence when working on chemistry papers and tests in school and managed to improve from an average E grade to B in prelims and eventually an A in the A level exam. For those who are weaker in chemistry, fret not, stop hesitating and sign up for lessons on chemistry guru!" - Hao Yang, DHS, 2020/21

"Hi Mr Puah, I got an A for Chemistry! Thank you for breaking down the complicated concepts in your lessons which helped me to better understand the content, and also for your tips and concise notes which I referred to a lot in the lead-up to As. Thank you also for always answering my whatsapp questions really promptly with detailed explanations. Your lessons were structured and well-planned and I learnt a lot from them :)" - Lee Yann Wei, HCI, 2020/21

"Hi Mr Puah! I obtained an A and I’m very thankful for all of the help that you’ve provided over the two years. Mr Puah’s online webinar lessons were not only of convenience to me but also helped greatly when it came to reinforcing my understanding of chemistry concepts, especially those that I struggled to grasp previously. Despite having never attended his lessons on-site before, Mr Puah still went out of his way to help me and was always willing to provide a thorough answer to questions that I sent to him over WhatsApp. Truly grateful for his patient guidance and care for students!" - Stefanie Tan, HCI, 2020/21

"Hi Mr Puah, i’ve got an A for chem!! Thank you so much for your concise and easy to understand teaching it has really helped me so much thru the 2 years:) I can actually rely on your classes for most topics to build on my foundation and understanding opposed to lectures in school HaHA. once again, thank you so much for your teaching and immediate help along the way!!" - Averie Ng, NYJC, 2020/21

"hello mr puah, i got an A for my Chem and i wasnt really expecting that. Thank you for your guidance teacher!! I came to Mr Puah approximately 2 months before As to reinforce my chemistry concepts and to keep my knowledge fresh. The online webinars were really beneficial as it allowed me to study at my own pace, own time without having to be physically in the classroom. The whatsapp consultations really helped me a lot as Mr Puah is 24/7 ready for my questions, and he will explain all the concepts to me patiently until i get the concepts right and clear. Overall, Mr Puah is a knowledgeable and responsible chemistry tutor. Thank you Mr Puah for your guidance and help which allow me to achieve my A for chemistry in A-Level." - Kng Kah Sheng, Private Candidate, 2020/21

"hi Mr Puah, this is pei yun from RJ :) Although i have not messaged you much to ask about chem-relatde questions, its because i find your lessons really easy to follow and they really help to clear my doubts for each topic. Im really grateful for all the notes because they are easy to understand and they explain the concepts clearly. All these resources really helped me to fully prepare for the A Level exams, hence allowing me to achieve an A in chem. Thank you so much for the continuous guidance throughout my JC journey :D" - Su Pei Yun, RI, 2020/21

"hi mr Phua! i got an A for chem and i just want to say thank you for all your help since the beginning of j1 and helping to make chem theories and explanations much easier. Your lessons were really in depth and I truly appreciate all your help, esp for answering my questions late at night sometimes for the past 2 years!! thank youu" - Gail Lim, SAJC, 2020/21

Read all testimonials since 2010 here.


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