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Here are his previous video lessons sorted by topic:

1. Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Hybridisation of Carbon in Organic Compounds

IUPAC Nomenclature for Organic Compounds

Structural Isomerism, Constitutional Isomerism

Stereoisomerism (Cis-Trans Isomerism and Optical Isomerism)

Determining Oxidation State of Carbon in Organic Compounds

Compare Bond Energy using Hybridisation

Hybridisation of Carbon in Ethene

Deduce Type of Organic Chemistry Reactions

Comparing Boiling Points of Isomers

Optical Isomerism and Non-racemic Mixture

Comparing Carbon-Carbon Bond in Graphite and Diamond

Deduce Optical Activity of Meso Compound

Why is 1,3-dimethylallene Optically Active?

2. Hydrocarbons - Alkanes

Free Radical Substitution Mechanism for Alkanes

Predict Number of Monosubstituted Products for Free Radical Substitution

Deducing Ratio of Monosubstituted Products for FRS

Deducing Propagation Step for FRS of Ethane

3. Hydrocarbons - Alkenes

Alkene Mechanism: How to describe Electrophilic Addition Mechanism for Alkenes

Saytzeff Rule, Zaitsev Rule: How to predict Major Product for Elimination Reaction

Markovnikov Rule and Predicting Alkene Major Product

Alkene Reactions

Strong Oxidation, Oxidative Cleavage of Alkenes

Strong Oxidation of Alkenes - Worked Example

Electrophilic Addition with Aqueous Bromine

Limitation of Markovnikov Rule

Modified Markovnikov Rule

Determine Major Product of Alkene Bromination in conc NaCl

Deduce Major Product for Electrophilic Addition of Propene

Deduce Products for Strong Oxidation of Alkenes

How to Deduce Major Product When Markovnikov Rule Fails

4. Hydrocarbons - Arenes

Benzene Reactions, Arene Reactions, Methylbenzene Reactions

Electrophilic Substitution Mechanism of Benzene

Oxidation of Alkyl Benzene

Position of Substitution of Benzene Substituents

Strong Oxidation of Alkene and Alkylbenzene

Friedel Crafts Alkylation

5. Halogenoalkanes

Halogenoalkane Reactions, Alkyl Halide Reactions, Nitrile Reactions

Nucleophilic Substitution Mechanism of Halogenoalkane or Alkyl Halides

Organic Synthesis via Step Up Reaction

6. Alcohols

Alcohol Reactions, Phenol Reactions

Triiodomethane or Iodoform Test

Oxidation of Alcohols

Reaction of Alkene and Alcohols - Worked Example

Oxidation of Primary Alcohol to Aldehyde

Comparing Electrophilic Substitution with Different Substituents

Comparing Reactivity of Alcohol and Phenol

7. Carbonyl Compounds

Carbonyl Compounds Reactions, Aldehyde Reactions, Ketone Reactions

Nucleophilic Addition, Carbonyl Compound Mechanism

Test for Carbonyl Compounds

Aldol Addition Reactions

Optical Activity of Nucleophilic Addition Product

8. Acid and Derivatives

Carboxylic Acid Reactions, Acyl Chloride Reactions, Ester Reactions

Comparing Acidity of Organic Compounds

Reaction of Sodium with Organic Compounds

Worked Example Comparing Acidity of Organic Compounds

Why Carboxylic Acids undergo Nucleophilic Substitution instead of Addition

Condensation Polymerisation of Polyesters

9. Nitrogen Compounds

Organic Chem Basicity: How to compare Basicity of Amines, Phenylamines and Amides

Amino Acids and Proteins: How to draw Alpha Amino Acids and Primary Structure of Proteins

Amine, Phenylamine or Aniline and Amide Reactions

Titration Curve of Amino Acid

Compare Basicity of Imidazole, Phenylamine and Amide

Nucleophilic Substitution of Amine

Deduce Amino Acid Structure at Different pH

Deduce Zwitterion and Isoelectric Point of Amino Acids

10. Structural Elucidation Questions

Structural Elucidation 1

Structural Elucidation 2

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