Monthly Billing Cycle

Please note our monthly billing cycle starts on Monday and ends on Sunday so that the number of lessons in a month is the same for all students.

This is to streamline payment and students who change timeslots will still be paying the same fees.

The billing cycle and the number of lessons per month for 2023 are as follows: 

Month   Start (Mon)   End (Sun)   Number of Lessons 
 Jan  2 Jan 29 Jan 3 (CNY break 21 to 24 Jan)
 Feb 30 Jan 26 Feb 4
Mar 27 Feb 2 Apr 5
Apr 3 Apr 30 Apr 4
May 1 May 28 May 4
Jun 29 May 2 Jul 5
Jul 3 Jul 30 Jul 4
Aug 31 Jul 3 Sep 5
Sep 4 Sep 1 Oct 4
Oct 2 Oct 29 Oct 4
Nov 30 Oct 3 Dec 5
Dec 4 Dec 17 Dec 2 (2 week break 18 to 31 Dec)

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