Deduce Products for Strong Oxidation of Alkenes

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221114 question

We want to determine which of the alkene compounds will give 2 organic products when oxidised with hot acidified KMnO4.

With strong oxidation the double bond will be cleaved and the alkene will be broken into smaller fragments.

Let's recap the products of strong oxidation of alkenes depending on the groups attached to each alkene carbon.

221114 strong oxidation of alkene

Check out this video lesson to learn all about strong oxidation of alkenes.

Let us know go through the options and deduce the products.


221114 option 1

Products formed will be propanone, butane-dioic acid, carbon dioxide and water.

There are 2 organic products formed.

2. CH3(CH2)4CH=CH2

221114 option 2

Products formed will be hexanoic acid, carbon dioxide and water.

There is only 1 organic product formed.

3. CH3(CH2)2CH=CH(CH2)2CH3

221114 option 3

The alkene is symmetrical so will give only 1 product butanoic acid.

Therefore the answer to this question is option D.

221114 answer

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