2019 P1 Q2 - Deflection of Charged Particle in Electric Field

Here's 2019 A Levels H2 Chemistry Paper 1 Question 2:

2019 p1 q2 question

This question is really straightforward so we can get the answer quickly.

1. Direction of Deflection in Electric Field

Electrons, which are negatively charged, will be deflected towards the positive electrode or (+) plate.

Protons, which are positively charged, will be deflected towards the negative electrode or (-) plate.

So we can eliminate options A and B.

2. Extent of Deflection

The angle of deflection of charged particle in an electric field is directly proportionate to the charge / mass ratio.

2019 p1 q2 deflection of charged particle in electric field

The greater the charge and smaller the mass, the greater the extent of deflection.

The charge of both an electron and proton have the same magnitude of 1 unit.

Since electrons have a much smaller mass as compared to protons, electrons will be deflected more.

Hence the answer to this question will be option C.

Topic: Atomic Structure, Physical Chemistry, A Level Chemistry, Singapore

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