Determine pH of AgOH from Solubility Product

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pH AgOH question

We are required to determine the pH of silver hydroxide solution at equilibrium.

Since silver hydroxide is alkaline, we can rule out options A and B straight away.

Let's consider the relationship between solubility product Ksp and solubility.

pH AgOH Ksp and solubility relationship

When the solution is saturated, concentration of ions in solution is at maximum and constant.

Hence a saturated solution is at equilibrium and it's meaningful to discuss Ksp which is an equilibrium constant.

A saturated solution is also related to its solubility or maximum amount of salt that can dissolve per unit volume of solvent.

Hence Ksp and solubility are related to each other.

Check out the following video lesson for a more in-depth discussion involving the relationship between solubility product and solubility.

We can write out the dissociation of AgOH and determine the concentration of its ions in terms of solubility x.

pH AgOH dissociation of AgOH

Then we can write out Ksp expression and determine solubility x in terms of Ksp.

pH AgOH calculate solubility

OH- concentration has the same value 1.233 x 10-4 and hence we can calculate pOH and pH of the solution.

pH AgOH calculate OH conc and pH

Therefore the answer to this question will be option C.

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