Frequently Asked Questions - Chemistry Guru

Q. What is Chemistry Guru Academy?

A. Chemistry Guru Academy is a learning centre set up to provide JC Chemistry Tuition.

We are registered with MOE (Certificate of Registration of School No. 4300).

Currently only A Level H2 Chemistry classes are available.

Q. Are you the person conducting the classes or do you engage other tutors to do that?

A. Please be rest assured that I conduct all my classes personally.

I do not engage other tutors as it will compromise on teaching quality. 

Q. Do you teach other subjects or offer 1 to 1 lessons at the student's place?

A. I only specialise in H2 Chemistry Classes at my centre.

Hence I do not offer other subjects or one-to-one private tuition due to my packed schedule.

Q. What are your qualifications?

A. Here are my credentials:

- Public Service Commission Scholarship (Teaching) Awardee, 2001

- NUS Dean's List for 3 consecutive years, 2002 to 2004

- Bachelor of Science, Second Class Honours (Upper) in Chemistry, NUS, 2005

- Postgraduate Diploma in Education, NIE, 2006

- Years of teaching and lecturing experience in a top value-added Junior College

- Founder of Chemistry Guru since 2010 with hundreds of students under my tutelage

Please see proof of my teaching experience and qualifications here.

Q. How well do your students perform after attending Chemistry Guru classes?

A. Most of my students showed improvements by at least 3 grades and attained distinction for A Levels.

The earlier the students join my classes, the more confident I am in improving their grades.

Please see results and testimonials of my past batches of students since 2010.

Q. What is your class size at Bishan?

A. Usually the weekend classes are more popular and hence larger.

On average, a weekday class is around 4 to 6 students while a weekend class is around 10 to 12 students.

Max class size is 16 pax.

Q. If I miss a lesson, is there a makeup? Would there be a refund of fees if I cannot make it for the makeup lesson?

A. Students have to arrange for makeup lesson with me, subjected to availability, in the same week.

If makeup class is not possible, the student can view the recorded video lessons (available for 2 weeks) at Google Classroom.

No prorating of fees is allowed.

Q. Where are the classes conducted?

A. We have 4 modes of learning for students to choose from:

1. All physical classes are conducted at my centre at Bishan Central, walking distance from Bishan MRT.

Address: Blk 112 Bishan Street 12 #01-20 S570112

View our location on GoogleMaps or Apple Maps for iOS users.

2. Weekly webinars conducted via Zoom are also available for students who prefer the convenience of online learning.

More info about our Bishan and Online lessons for JC1 and JC2.

3. Mini Group Zoom Classes (2 to 4 pax) are available for students who prefer personalised classes and learn with their friends online.

More info on our mini-group classes here.

4. Our on-demand video lessons will be perfect for students who want to learn on-demand instead of attending weekly lessons at a fixed timing.

More info on our on-demand videos here.

Q. What are your charges for regular Bishan and Online classes?

A. Fees for classes at Bishan are $400 for a four-week month and $500 for a five-week month.

Register now and enjoy a promotional locked-in rate of $360 for a four-week month and $450 for a five-week month.

Fees for webinar are $280 for a four-week month and $350 for a five-week month.

No additional administrative or material fees is required.

Q. How do I sign up for your trial lesson, and how much do I have to pay for it?

A. You can Whatsapp or SMS me to sign up for the class you are interested in.

The fees payable for Bishan trial lesson are $50 (half price promotion).

Zoom webinar trial lesson is free.

Q. What are your payment modes?

A. To support contactless payment, preferred payment is by PayNow via UEN: 5314 8951E.

Q. How is a typical lesson like?

A. In a lesson I will:

- go through important chemistry concepts,

- summarise the main points of each topic,

- let students practise questions,

- teach the students how to cultivate good studying habits,

- give insights on how exam questions are set and how examiners mark questions, and

- share how to keep answers accurate and concise. 

Short notes, summaries, and practice questions will be given to students.

Q. Do you follow a lesson schedule according to a specific JC? 

A. My students are from various JCs hence the schedule would not follow any college in particular.

The sequence of topics that I am covering is based on my experience and would prepare students well for their exams.

Students should adopt the following mentality when attending classes:

- if the topic is already taught in your school, then treat it as a revision

- if the topic is not yet taught, then treat it as an opportunity to learn it first.

Either way, you have additional practice on the topic and it will do you good.

Ultimately all students will be taking the same A Levels so all topics covered will be relevant and useful.

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