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H2 Chemistry Tutor Singapore, good chemistry tuition teacher

Maverick Puah is a top A Level Chemistry tutor in Singapore and has been conducting JC & IP Chemistry classes to hundreds of students since 2010.

Here are the FIVE reasons why he is so highly sought after:

1. The Chemistry Guru has all the qualifications of a good Chemistry tuition teacher

Maverick Puah has the top credentials:

- Public Service Commission Scholarship (Teaching) Awardee, 2001

- NUS Dean's List for 3 consecutive years, 2002 to 2004

- Bachelor of Science, Second Class Honours (Upper) in Chemistry, NUS, 2005

- Postgraduate Diploma in Education, NIE, 2006

- Years of teaching and lecturing experience in a top value-added Junior College

(photo proof of his qualifications at the end of this page)

2. The Chemistry Guru produces results year after year

Maverick Puah has maintained his stellar record of 70-80% Distinction since 2010 in A Levels.

Read his students' results and testimonials and see for yourself why he is the best H2 Chemistry tutor for you.

3. The Chemistry Guru showcases his teaching skills on YouTube

Did you know Maverick Puah has attracted 1000+ subscribers on his YouTube Channel?

Here are some YouTube video lessons that students will find useful:

Maverick Puah proves that he's the real Guru in A Level Chem.

New video lessons are uploaded weekly so do check them out regularly!

4. The Chemistry Guru is THE IP and JC Chemistry expert

Do you want to learn from an expert or a Jack of all trades?

Maverick Puah specialises in teaching only H2 Chem and nothing else.

And students learn best from a specialist tutor like Maverick Puah.

5. The Chemistry Guru is a Chemistry tutor with a personal touch

Maverick Puah conducts all his classes personally so he can monitor the progress of every student and provide timely consultation when required.

He does not engage other tutors or admin staff to teach more students and maximise profit but at the expense of teaching quality.

He is also a mentor and friend to his students outside class, sharing snippets of his life on Instagram and Facebook.


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Proof of Qualification for Maverick Puah

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