JC & IP Chemistry Tuition - JC1 / IP Year 5 Class 2018

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JC1 Holiday Revision Class

Dear JC1 students!

Did you underperform for your recent Promo Exams, and have a weak foundation in your J1 content?

Do you know that more than 50% of the H2 Chemistry Syllabus is covered in JC1, and poor understanding of concept will make it harder for you to do well for your A Levels next year?

That is why Chemistry Guru has prepared the JC1 Holiday Revision Class to consolidate your concepts and prepare you well for next year!

In each revision lesson you will be doing a short topical time-trial, followed by a detailed explanation of answers by Maverick Puah.

The revision class will commence on 3 November 2018 (Saturday) and is suitable for students who have a basic understanding of concepts and need additional practice.

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Revision Topic and Schedule (All classes are on Saturdays, 10am to 12pm)

H1. Mole Concept and Redox (3 Nov, Sat)

H2. Atomic Structure and Gaseous State (10 Nov, Sat)

H3. Chemical Bonding (17 Nov, Sat)

H4. Energetics (24 Nov, Sat)

H5. Kinetics and Chemical Equilibria (1 Dec, Sat)

H6. Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Alkanes (8 Dec, Sat)

H7. Alkenes and Arenes (15 Dec, Sat)

Students are highly encouraged to attend all lessons to have a comprehensive revision.

Please indicate the class code (eg H1, H2) for the revision classes that you are keen to attend on registration.

Fees are $100 per lesson for students who are only attending the revision class.

Fees are $60 per lesson for students who are also attending ongoing JC1 Class.

We strongly recommend students to attend our ongoing JC1 Class concurrently as we are covering Organic Chemistry, which is an extremely important topic for H2 Chemistry.

For more info about ongoing JC1 Class, please scroll down further this page.

There are no additional material or administration fees payable.

Seats are very limited so register with us now!

JC1 Ongoing Class Schedule (2018)

1. Thu 6pm to 8pm (last lesson on 13 Dec 2018)

2. Sat 12.30pm to 2.30pm (last lesson on 15 Dec 2018)

Please choose one of the above timeslots.

We also offer online classes for JC1 topics!

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JC1 Topics (2018)

Chemistry Guru's resources and teaching methodology are updated and relevant for the new H2 Chemistry syllabus (Subject Code 9729).

Read more information about the changes in the new H2 Chemistry syllabus and what students can expect.

1. Mole Concept

2. Redox and Solution Stoichiometry

3. Atomic Structure

4. Chemical Bonding

5. Intermolecular Forces

6. Gaseous State

7. Energetics

8. Kinetics

9. Chemical Equilibria

10. Introduction to Organic Chemistry

11. Alkanes

12. Alkenes

13. Arenes

14. Halogenoalkanes

15. Alcohols (current topic)

16. Carbonyl Compounds

17. Acid and Derivatives


Fees are $400 for a four-week month and $500 for a five-week month.

There are no additional material or administration fees payable.


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