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JC2 Class Schedule 2024

Bishan Classes

1. Thu 6pm to 8pm

2. Sat 12pm to 2pm

Max class size is 16 pax.

Fees are $400 (four-week month). Register now and enjoy a promotional locked-in rate of $360 (four-week month).

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LIVE Zoom webinars

1. Thu 8.30pm to 10.15pm

2. Sat 9.30am to 11.15am

3. Sun 9am to 10.45am

More than 60% of our students chose LIVE webinars to save on cost and travelling time.

Learning is equally effective and fees are at $280 (four-week month) only!

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The webinars are slightly shorter due to less administration and waiting time.

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On-Demand Video Lessons

We also offer on-demand video lessons so you can learn anytime, anywhere and at your own pace!

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JC2 Topics 2024

Jan to May 2024 - JC2 content

1. Solubility Product

2. Alcohols

3. Carbonyl Compounds

4. Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives

5. Nitrogen Compounds and Proteins

6. Electrochemistry

7. Periodicity

8. Group 2 & 17 Chemistry

Jun to Oct 2024 - Comprehensive Revision for A Levels

9. Topical Revision - Organic Chemistry

10. Transition Elements

11. Topical Revision - Inorganic Chemistry

12. Topical Revision - Physical Chemistry

13. Trial Papers for A Levels (Practical Exam Paper 4 included)

Student Testimonials for Bishan Classes

“Mr Puah is a very dedicated tutor who has guided me through the 2 years of the strenuous Chemistry syllabus. His notes are very concise and informative which helped me to revise Chemistry with ease. Mr Puah is a very patient tutor who will stay back with me after class to clarify the questions I have EVERY WEEK WITHOUT FAIL! That’s what made me motivated to study Chemistry and finally get an A for my A Levels, which is a huge improvement from C in J1. I will forever remember Mr Puah, thank you for saving my grades! =)” - Geraint Chow, NJC, 2022/23

“Hi Mr Puah, managed to get an A for Chemistry. Thank you for all the lessons. Your teaching style and notes really helped me grasp the concepts better and helped me remember various key details. Thank you!” - Shiva, TMJC, 2022/23

“hello mr puah, i got a B for chem!! thank you for all the help these 1.5 years and especially leading up to actual As itself. ive consistently scored an E for chem and got S for prelims so i was really scared but thanks to your patience and helping to answer my many questions almost everyday leading up to As no matter how dumb they sounded, and even going the extra mile to write out the detailed elaboration for each question with links to specific videos on your website to help ensure that i fully understood your explanation, i managed to improve so much in such a short period of time. your prompt response to each question no matter the time of the day had also really helped me clear up my doubts quickly and your encouragement and belief in me helped me to have more confidence in myself too! you are one of the tutors that really go above and beyond for your students, and for that i am very grateful! so yeah thank you” - Celeste Lian, VJC, 2022/23

"Thank you so much Mr Puah! All your lessons (especially Organic Chemistry, Energetics and Chem Equilibria) were informative, thorough and easy to understand. I was finally able to grasp Organic Chemistry with your guidance and I couldn't be more grateful for helping me to pull my grades up from an E to a final A in the actual A-level examinations :D. The online recordings were extremely useful in helping me to catch up with lessons that I missed and I deeply appreciate the comprehensive answers you gave whenever I asked you questions after class. ChemGuru has really been essential in my journey through H2 Chemistry " - Cedric Koh, NYJC, 2021/22 

"hi sir! i got an A for chemistry for the first time in JC EVER. thank you for being so helpful, approachable and understanding, you never fail to explain even the very basics to us, which is really helpful especially for those who don't dare voice out that we don't know what's going on :) you prepare so many notes and questions both online and offline, i always felt reassured knowing that i had this Wealth of Chemistry knowledge to turn to whenever i was in doubt! your explanations were always crystal clear and patient, thank you so much for giving us so much support over the past 1 or 2 years!" - Alexis Ang Bowie, RJC, 2021/22

"Hello :) I got an A for Chem!! Thank you for your help and support throughout the years :)" - Annabelle Yeow, RJC, 2021/22

"Hi Mr Puah, I’ll like to send you a note of thanks. Jared received an “A” grade in Chemistry for his A levels. He was struggling with the subject prior to lessons with you. Thank you for your clear and helpful lessons." - Mrs Goh, Parent of Jared Goh, RJC, 2021/22

"Hello Mr Puah I got an A for chemistry. Thank you so much for your lessons. The flexibility between online and in class sessions really helped me manage my time more effectively. Plus the recordings of the lessons ensured that if I wasn’t able to give my 100% during lesson I would still be able to make full use of the session! With the help of your resources I managed to get myself an A for A levels, a feat I never would have imagined possible after getting a U for Mid year exams! " - Aryan, ASRJC, 2020/21

"Hi Mr Puah, I got a B for chem, which was honestly a miracle because I screwed up paper 2 and paper 3. Thank you so much for your constant help and guidance throughout my J2! Extremely grateful for your prompt and detailed answers to my questions!" - Kenneth Utomo, CJC, 2020/21

“I managed to get an A for chemistry and I want to thank you for your effort and dedication in helping us to improve! I was especially weak in inorganic chem, but with repeated exposure, revision, and explanations that are easy to understand, I became more comfortable with those topics over time. Organic chem seemed unpredictable to me, but your framework and method to answer organic chem questions really helped to break it down to something more structured and manageable. I definitely couldn’t have improved and achieved good results without your patient guidance!!” - Jolyn Tan, HCI, 2020/21

"i turned to Mr Puah after getting U in chemistry for mid years after family friends recommended him to me. before joining, i used to really struggle with organic chemistry and found it hard to make the links between the concepts taught and the questions given. but within a few weeks, i was much better equipped and prepared to answer organic chemistry questions with confidence. even though i only managed an E grade by the time prelims came, i struggled hard and eventually got a B for A levels! Mr Puah is well versed in the ways of how teachers set exam questions and makes good predictions on what will come out with high accuracy. in fact, despite transition metals being a common last topic (CLT) in which questions set on the topic were to be crossed out, Mr Puah predicted that the A Levels still could touch on transition metals. on the day of the exam, the transition metals question was indeed not cancelled out but instead modified to make it attemptable by students at which many students were stumped by the appearance of the topic. lastly, Mr Puah is very approachable on whatsapp and his round the clock text consultation session came in handy for me when i was practicing challenging exam questions and did not understand. the only regret i have is not joining ChemistryGuru sooner to boost my grades! thank you for being such an approachable and knowledgeable tutor Mr Puah!" - Josiah Rachmat, TJC, 2020/21"

Read all testimonials since 2010 here.

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