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JC2 Class Schedule (2018)

1. Tue 6pm to 8pm

2. Wed 6pm to 8pm

3. Sat 10am to 12pm (filling up fast)

4. Sat 3pm to 5pm

Please choose one of the above timeslots.

JC2 Topics (2018)

1. Acid and Derivatives

2. Nitrogen Compounds

3. Ionic Equilibria

4. Buffer & Titration Curve

5. Solubility Product

6. Electrochemistry (current topic)

7. Periodicity

8. Group 2 Chemistry

9. Group 17 Chemistry

10. Transition Elements

11. Topical Revision - Organic Chemistry

12. Topical Revision - Kinetics

13. Topical Revision - Energetics

14. Topical Revision - Ionic Equilibria & Buffer

15. Topical Revision - Titration Curve & Solubility Product

16. Topical Revision - Electrochemistry

17. Trial Papers for A Levels


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