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A Level Results 2010 (announced in Feb 2011)

Congrats to my very first batch of students who took their A levels and achieved 71.4% distinction in 2010! Fantastic job! My sincere thanks to all of you for giving me the honour to teach you! All the best in your future endeavours and do keep in touch with me! It is really heartwarming to have such positive comments from my students. They really motivate me to keep on improving my classes! Thanks, hunks and babes!

Student Testimonials

"As a chemistry tutor, Mr Puah has been able to effectively relate and meet my needs at the personal level. He is precise and concise in his teaching methods, and is able to guide me well and help me in grasping a clear understanding of chemistry." - Kelvin Yeo, ACJC, 2009/10

"Mr Puah is a very friendly and dedicated chem tutor who is able to teach chemistry in efficient and easy-to-understand methods. The best chem tutor one can possibly have!" - Ming Chien, AJC, 2009/10

"Mr Puah is a teacher with an excellent grasp of the limits and scope of the syllabus. It is impossible not to benefit from his teaching!" - Wilson Choo, Dunman High, 2009/10

"I clarified a lot of chem concepts from Mr Puah which allowed me to better comprehend questions and answer them with precision." - Ho Wan Yeng, MJC, 2009/10

"Mr Puah was really helpful and patient during tuition. He simplified difficult concepts using his own diagrams and tables which helped me improve in my weaker topics such as protein chemistry and ionic equilibria." - Tan Kay Siang, MJC, 2009/10

"I was all along getting 'U's for chemistry as I just couldn't conceptualise most of the topics. After going for Mr Puah's chem classes, I started to get most of the concepts and the timed practice also helped me to have better time management when doing the papers." - Chew Meijun, NYJC, 2009/10

"Mr Puah has patience and does not mind spending more time to explain the concepts that we do not understand." - Lim Shan Shan, NYJC, 2009/10

"Mr Puah's chemistry lessons were extremely helpful in my preparation for the A levels. Chemistry has always been an uphill struggle for me till I attended his lessons. Mr Puah's lessons really cleared up my many misconceptions about certain chemistry topics. He has boundless patience and has always been there to motivate me to do my best. His enthusiasm for chemistry will also no doubt rub onto you. Mr Puah really turned chemistry from a subject I feared to a much enjoyed one!" - Anonymous (by request of student), RI, 2009/10

"Mr Puah is a dedicated chemistry teacher who has a comprehensive lesson plan that will prepare students adequately for the A levels. He has a clear and confident grasp of the A level chemistry content and is more than able to handle any question. Recommended for students aiming for A in chemistry!" - Benjamin Teo, RI, 2009/10

"Mr Puah is a friendly and approachable teacher who has helped me to better understand chemistry concepts and apply them. His comprehensive explanations have enabled me to grasp difficult chemistry topics and familiarise myself with exam questions in preparation for the A levels. His patience in teaching and constant encouragement has undoubtedly contributed to my immense improvement in chemistry!" – Cassandra, RI, 2009/10

"Mr Puah is a very good and friendly teacher! Explains concepts very well and helps me understand much better :) No question is too difficult for him! :))" - Cheryl Teo, SAJC, 2009/10

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