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A Level Results 2011 (announced in Feb 2012)

Great achievements for my students who took their A levels in 2011 with 76.9% distinction! Your hard work has been paid off! Well done hunks and babes!  

Student Testimonials

"U grade to an A in 4 months! Really loved the lessons. Concise, simple-to-understand and really really splendid!" - Jun Ching, NJC, 2010/11

"Thank you Mr Puah for your guidance the past year!" - Brian Ng, NYJC, 2010/11

"Thanks for all your guidance though it was short few months with you, I'm really glad I manage to push my chem from U to B! Thanks a million!" - Sharmaine Kek, SRJC, 2010/11

"You are a teacher that is very patient and clear in teaching, and is willing to explain everything in great detail. Definitely made learning chemistry easier with great flow charts and summaries! A big thank you!" - Nevin Sim, TJC, 2010/11

"You have been a great teacher and I thought the Organic Chem summary did great help! It kinda let me see the light! And my chem grades really did improve a lot! Thanks for the clear explanation and exam techniques! Thank you!" - Chua Xinyi, TJC, 2010/11

"Thanks to Chem Guru, I had an improvement in chemistry and my understanding of the subject has been made easier" - Angeline Lee, TPJC, 2010/11

"The summaries helped to crystallise the concepts so that the questions were easier to handle" - Claire Ooi, VJC, 2010/11

"Being a patient tutor, Mr Puah had assisted me in understanding the concepts easier. Lessons were easy to understand and pace was appropriate." - Lee Shu Hui, Private Candidate, 2011

"It's amazing how Mr Puah's lessons have contributed to the vast improvement of my chemistry grades from E (2010 A levels) to B (2011 A levels)! I was a private A level candidate when I started attending his lessons in 2011. His well-structured lessons that cover all of the important chemistry concepts have definitely helped me to better grasp the fundamentals of chemistry and to answer with precision. Definitely the recommended JC Chem tutor for all A level candidates!" - Nur Raihan, Private Candidate, 2011

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