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A Level Results 2012 (announced in Feb 2013)

Fantastic job for my students with 83.3% distinction! I'm really proud and glad I've made a little contribution to your success!  

Student Testimonials

"Thanks A LOT for all the help you offered me. I found your summary sessions exceptionally useful. It's like somehow you managed to cover everything the topic requires in your classes! And I'm really REALLY thankful for all the help you've given me. THANKS A LOT AGAIN MR PUAH!" - Glenn Sim, AJC, 2011/12

"Mr Puah has helped me improved tremendously within a short few months, from a usual U grade in school to a B grade in A levels. He is knowledgeable about the subject syllabus and is often very accurate in spotting the types of questions tested in examinations. Also, he is able to correct our misunderstandings in chemistry efficiently. I am grateful to have him as my tutor." - Lau Jing Yi, AJC, 2011/12

"Mr Puah makes chemistry easily understood through concise summaries and streamlined teaching. He prepares well before lessons and helps students gain a more thorough understanding of the concepts. All in all, a good and dedicated tutor!" - Nga Wan Yi, AJC, 2011/12

"Interesting teacher and the lessons really strengthen one's basics" - Ng Yong Sheng, AJC, 2011/12 

"Mr Puah is a really helpful tutor who is always willing to clarify our doubts even after class time. His brilliant teaching methods have enabled me to pick up many key concepts quickly and I managed to score a B for chemistry in A levels, despite the constant U grade I had gotten in school. His informative lessons really filled the gaps in my knowledge of chemistry and I really appreciate having a teacher like Mr Puah. Thank you!" - Sherlyn, AJC, 2011/12

"Thanks for all the help! Your lessons were interesting and systematic. You made chemistry easy to understand and enjoyable! Thanks for everything again :)" - Justin Tan, ACJC, 2011/12

"Mr Puah is a highly approachable teacher who never fails to answer our queries about chemistry. His use of mind maps and challenging questions helped me to foster a greater understanding of chem and thus, able to handle the varied nature of A level Chem questions confidently. Under him, my grades improved from a D in promos to an A in A levels. In short, Mr Puah is an A++ teacher :D" – Tan Ee Siong, ACJC, 2011/12

"Mr Puah is a dedicated teacher and teaches in a very concise manner that is easy to grasp and remember. His notes summarise heavy content and is very useful when studying and memorising for A-levels. I would definitely recommend him to my friends!" - Xavier See, CJC, 2011/12

"Thanks for all your effort and time in helping me. Chemistry has become my favourite subject these past 2 years." - Felicia Lee, HCI, 2011/12

"Thank you Mr Puah for the clear and concise method of teaching chemistry which really made learning chemistry very fun and easy! In fact I look forward to your lessons every week as you are able to dissect difficult terms and make it understandable to all!" - Seah Raynian, MJC, 2011/12

"I think you are very concise in teaching. The technique to answer questions you teach are remarkable. Very few teachers are able to do it :)" - Yap Xin Horng, MJC, 2011/12

"Mr Puah's chem tuition really helped me with my chem revision, especially the mindmaps for certain topics. Thank you!" - Dehn See Toh, RI, 2011/12

"Mr Puah is a dedicated teacher. My foundation and understanding in Chemistry was strengthened through his effective methods of teaching. I also would not have been able to handle the Chemistry exam without his advice on exam strategies. Mr Puah truly helped me achieve a breakthrough in Chemistry." - Cindry Handojo, SAJC, 2011/12

"I was a U student since JC1, constantly unable to grasp the concepts taught. However, since joining Chemistry Guru in JC 2, my grades have improved significantly. I attribute this to Mr Puah's concise notes and crystal clear delivery of content. His great wealth of chemistry knowledge also meant that he could answer all our quipping queries. Learning chemistry has never been so easy. Eventually, I scored a B at A levels. I owe this humble achievement greatly to the Chemistry Guru, Mr Puah." - Mark Ng, SAJC, 2011/12

"Even though I only joined Mr Puah's class at the beginning of J2 due to CCA commitments, Mr Puah managed to help me improve from S in school examinations to a B in the A Level. His clear concepts are easily absorbed and understood, making A Level Chemistry a whole lot more manageable." - Toh Kiat Sheng, SAJC, 2011/12

"Ever since enrolling into Chemistry Guru classes, my grades have tremendously improved from a mediocre E grade in the Mid-term examination to a C grade for prelims and finally a B grade for A levels. Mr Puah's simplified yet concised notes has enabled me to grasp and understand key points much easier and he teaches us answering techniques to apply for different types of questions. He's friendly to approach should we have any question to ask and there is no doubt he is a number 1 chemistry tutor. THANK YOU!" - Ryan Gabriel Loh, TPJC, 2011/12

"Thanks for all the past lessons, you were a nice tutor and made chemistry concepts easier for me to understand :)" - Anonymous(by request of student), YJC, 2011/12

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