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A Level Results 2013 (announced in Feb 2014)

79.2% of my students have attained Distinctions in their H2 Chemistry. Congratulations and glad I made Chemistry Simpler for you folks! 

Student Testimonials

"Mr Puah's teaching has made chemistry concepts a whole lot easier to understand! His summaries and notes are really concise, remembering and applying the various concepts have become much more easier than before, especially the mindmaps he created for certain topics. He really helped me improved my foundation in chemistry and also improved my grades significantly. Never thought I could do it. Thanks so much Mr Puah!" - Lim Hui Jun, AJC, 2012/13

"You are a very patient teacher that simplifies concepts that makes it easier for me to understand. The concise notes also help me to remember the key ideas for each topic better!" - See Yi Han, AJC, 2012/13

"The lessons were engaging and informative.  Exam tips given were useful and structured." - Tan Junn Wei, AJC, 2012/13

"Mr Puah is a very patient and dedicated teacher. His lessons are concise and well structured, and notes and questions given are highly relevant. His explanation of concepts are easy to understand as well. Thanks Mr Puah!" - Anonymous, ACJC, 2012/13

"Thank you so much for your guidance and teaching for chemistry! It has been an honour being your student and learning from you! Thanks!" - Daniel Ng, CJC, 2012/13

"Improve from U to A. Really thank for your help. Without you I definitely can't achieve it!" - Marcus Neo, CJC, 2012/13

"Mr Puah had helped me to improve my Chem grade tremendously since I first joined him after my J1 July CT. I was able to understand concepts better and get to know many useful exam answering techniques. His notes are very concise and easy to comprehend. I started with an E and improved to B at Prelim and finally A for A Levels. Thank you Mr Puah for being such a patient and wonderful Chem tutor!" - Anonymous, DHS, 2012/13

"I'd really like to thank you for making lessons more enjoyable and interesting to be in. I really enjoyed learning the subject and appreciated it so much more :) Still thankful that you made chemistry less boring and more engaging for me. I didn't do as well as I should have but it has become one of my favourite subjects over the two years in College! Thank you Mr Puah." - Lim Jia Rui, HCI, 2012/13

"Mr. Puah delivers chemistry in a manner which makes it so much more manageable. He was able to teach what I thought was an overwhelming subject in a clear, concise and effective manner. Clear because his explanations are easy to understand. Concise because he prints out summaries for us to fill in, and thus we know what are the important things to take note of. Lastly, effective, as he goes through practice questions which consist of standard questions and common stun questions thus teaching us how to apply our knowledge which is a necessary skill in order to do well (many people lack application skills and mug/memorize inefficiently). I’m really grateful to have joined his tuition classes as it has allowed me to “see the light” in Chemistry. Thank you Mr. Puah!" - Kimberlyn Nicole Tjipto, HCI, 2012/13

"With his patience and understanding when explaining complex chem concepts, and with his comprehensive notes & practice qns, Mr Puah is definitely a Chemistry Guru and an awesome teacher to boot. Thank you!" - Sarah Ng, MJC, 2012/13

"Mr Puah is an easy-going, relaxed tutor, and he makes tuition genuinely enjoyable. He slips in helpful tips throughout each session e.g. acronyms, and yet he ensures we understand topics well enough not to have to rely on memory, allowing us to work out formulas/equations/etc from scratch. I went from a failing grade to As, all thanks to Mr Puah." - Nadia Lee, RI, 2012/13

"Thanks for all your tricks & tips and for simplifying difficult concepts that I could never understand in school. My usual grades in school are usually U/S. Really could never understand what was wrong/what was it that I don't know and only in y6 did I seek help. then I realized I have alot of fundamental misconceptions which really really helped my grades." - Bernice Yap, RVHS, 2012/13

"Thank you Mr Puah for providing simpler and more efficient ways to approach chemistry and solve the complicated questions. Your repetitive emphasis on the tricky and common questions has indeed helped me greatly. I hope you'll pass the useful techniques to your future students and help them pass their chemistry with flying colours." - Doreen Leong, RVHS, 2012/13

"I have been getting straight low U throughout J1 & start of J2, then after entering tuition in mid-year, i really learn alot of concepts that are quite neglected in school. Although the pace is fast, the lessons are generally good. Thanks for your guidance" - Er Hui Geok, RVHS, 2012/13

"Mr Puah is undoubtedly a brilliant chemistry tutor. His notes are excellent for revision, and exercises are crafted to fortress one's foundation. His lessons helped me to demystify mind-boggling concepts, and through his lessons, studying for chemistry seemed effortless as compared to before. He is truly a fine teacher!" - Anonymous, TJC, 2012/13

"The notes are short and crisp and easy to understand. The lessons are also easy to understand." - Chan Khai Hsien, TPJC, 2012/13

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