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A Level Results 2014 (announced in Feb 2015)

75.0% of my 2014 batch have attained Distinctions in their H2 Chemistry. Congratulations to you hunks and babes and remember to continue striving for excellence in whatever you do!

Student Testimonials

“The concise notes definitely helped a lot in my revision and the understanding of the core concepts of chemistry, and made revising a lot more efficient and easier. Mr Puah was also extremely patient and approachable, and easy to consult when I had any doubts or needed to clarify any concepts. After attending this tuition for a few months, I leaped leaps and bounds from failing chemistry to a C in prelim 2 and finally obtaining an A in Alevels." - Jymie Ng, IJC, 2013/14

“Thanks alot Mr Puah! You are really helpful and patient when answering all my doubts, even the stupid ones!” - Gan Zi Xing, NJC, 2013/14

"Mr Puah spends a lot of time preparing concise notes for us and often goes to great extent in explaining the chemistry behind things. He makes us remember things better by illustrating complicated chemistry theories using simple words and diagrams which helped in our understanding." - Kang Shi Zheng, NJC, 2013/14

“Thanks Mr Puah for being such a patient tutor and making concepts easier for me! Scored a U all my life to a B for my A levels! He is really The Chemistry Guru!” - Lau Yong Le, NJC, 2013/14

“Thanks for your tutoring! Your detailed explanations helped a lot! :)” - Denise Deng, RJC, 2013/14

"Although I only joined Mr Puah's tuition for a few months before my A's, I really benefitted from his mindmaps and notes. He made such a complex topic so easy to understand, breaking down different parts of the topic for us to identify with." - Lee Simin, RJC, 2013/14

“Mr Puah is a very careful chemistry teacher that emphasizes very much on the important areas needed to score in Chemistry. The concise and detailed notes self made by Mr Puah has helped my tremendously in my revision. My chemistry grade has all along been undesirable but i have managed to achieve good results under Mr Puah's guidance. Thank you Mr Puah!" - Bryan Lew, RVHS, 2013/14

“Mr Puah's teaching is clear and easy to understand. The resources he provides are concise and provides ample amounts of practice, further adding to the effectiveness of his teaching. My chemistry grades have improved under his guidance and he has made the subject much easier!” - Marcus Lim, SAJC, 2013/14

“Thanks for helping me to improve my chemistry grade. I honestly wasn't expecting anything more than a pass, but I got more than what I hoped for. Thank you!” - Ng Wan Rou, SRJC, 2013/14

“I’m grateful that I’ve attended your classes, because if not I may have failed Chemistry. Your teachings have also allowed me to understand concepts better through various techniques. Thank you!” - Nur Shamilah, SRJC, 2013/14

“Mr Puah has been one of the most patient teachers I've met. He never fails to clear all my doubts. His notes were comprehensive and easy to read and understand. He never fails to make studying chemistry a little easier and interesting by giving the different facts a catch phrase or a 'pet-name' which lightens our memory load. He is indeed an amazing teacher which made me view chemistry in a whole new level after attending his tuition lessons. My chemistry started off with Us and with steady improvements, the end result was amazing. Once again, thank you Mr Puah.” - Esther Chan, TPJC, 2013/14

“Lessons were fun and engaging~~ Found myself liking Chemistry more after I started going for Chemistry Guru lessons because I could make sense of what was being thought, unlike in school. Truly enjoyed the lessons~~ Thank your Mr Puah!” - Chua Ser Min, VJC, 2013/14

"Through clear explanations as well as concise and useful lesson materials, Mr Puah has made the learning of chemistry much more enjoyable and fun. Lessons with Mr Puah are hugely beneficial and engaging, and has helped me gain a better and deeper understanding of the subject. This has ultimately contributed to me making gradual improvements in my chemistry grades in school, and eventually doing well at the A Levels. With Mr Puah, chemistry has indeed been made simpler.:)" - Lew Yi Jie, VJC, 2013/14

“Your classes were really productive. Your notes were concise and understanding was never a problem. During classes you have pointed out important cocepts and explain them very well. Thank you very much” - Premanand Vijayadas, YJC, 2013/14

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