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A Level Results 2015 (announced in Feb 2016)

83.3% of my 2015 batch have attained Distinctions. Definitely one of the best achievements my students have done so far! Your hard work has paid off hunks and babes! Congratulations to you and all the best for your bright future!

Student Testimonials

“As a student who has constantly failed chem during J1, Chemistry Guru has been my life saver :) With difficult concepts made easy by Mr Puah, I've managed to understand chem a lot better through my J2 years and it even made me love chem:) Cheers!” - Ng Qing Hao, AJC, 2014/15

"Mr Puah's notes are really helpful as they are really neatly organized and tell you what are impt in the chapters. He is also v kind and patient in his explanation and has helped me improve my chem grade from an U to a B. Thank you Mr Puah!" - Celine Goh, ACJC, 2014/15

"You are really a good teacher that simplifies this 'tough' subject and make chemistry more enjoyable for students like me. Thank you so much for having the spirit to teach and help me, despite me not being able to pay the fees for the last stretch. Your actions really aid in me getting a good grade for Chemistry today! 谢谢 for your passion in teaching and specialising in chemistry and hope you will be able to inspire all your students, like how you did for me!" - Ong Li Xian, ACJC, 2014/15

"Getting a B for A levels may not be as great as an A but I'm really really satisfied with it seeing how I always got a U before joining his class The effects of his lessons showed really fast too. For the first exam since joining his class, I jumped to an A! It also helps that he's really friendly and approachable so you can ask anything If it means anything, I like his lessons the most, they're not a drag like school lessons or other tuitions I've been to, hehe I'll definitely recommend him to my friends (or you)! Thanks for everything, Mr Puah! I hope you continue teaching and make a difference for students like me :) All the best!" - Ng Yi Cheng, CJC, 2014/15

"I struggled for chemistry throughout JC, as i did not know how to apply the concepts that were being taught to answer the questions. I remembered going for my first lesson with some trepidation but to my surprise, Mr Puah was a very humourous and encouraging teacher. He explains the hardest concepts in the simplest way possible and taught me that some questions has just that particular standard way of answering. (No need to think too much, it gets more complicated if you think it that way, the answer is just here.) thats what he always says. That is also how i learnt the tips and techniques in answering chemistry questions. I certainly improved in my chemistry, thank you mr puah for being a very dedicated chemistry tutor in my two years of JC, and encouraging me, and helping me to pull through A levels. I couldnt have done it without your help. Thank you!" - Angie, DHS, 2014/15

"Hi Mr Puah, I got an A for chem!!! Thanks so much for your help & it was really quite surprising I went from a U to an A in 6 months!! Thanks for being such clear and patient tutor and I hope you will continue to help more students achieve great results and more importantly make them thoroughly understand chem concepts!!" - Kay Tan, HCI, 2014/15

"Chemistry Guru made my chem results improve tremendously by simplifying the concepts and making it easier for students to understand. Thank you!" - Loh Wan Yuan, HCI, 2014/15

"I struggled with chemistry ever since secondary school and I've never done well for chemistry in general. Throughout JC I was always behind lessons and lectures as I could not grasp the concepts of chemistry fast enough. But after joining chemguru, my understanding for the subject deepened and I was able to tackle the A level questions much more accurately through the clear and concise notes and lessons provided by chemguru! I enjoyed Mr Puah's lessons with his great sense of humour, always explaining concepts in a simplified way for us to grasp more easily. He taught the main focus of every topic with clarity and never failed to repeat the important pointers that were crucial in exams so that we would remember them. Thank you Mr Puah for not making tuition boring and for helping me bring up my chemistry standards!!" - Gwen Sim, NJC, 2014/15

“Mr Puah is a very patient tutor who is always willing to go the extra mile for his students! His lessons are very clear and concise, and the resources he provides are useful in revision. Thank you so much!” - Cheryl Chin, RI, 2014/15

"Hi Mr Puah I got an A for chem :-) thank you for your teaching and guidance in chem, although I only joined your class a few months before As, your explanations and reasonings really helped my understanding of the concepts! And also thank you for being accommodating to our frequent requests to change classes" - Gillian Lee, RI, 2014/15

“Despite only attending lessons at Chemistry Guru for less than six months, I found the lessons to be very useful. The timed practice sessions, along with Mr Puah's detailed reviews, improved my confidence in tackling the different Chem papers. From consistently doing poorly for Chem, I eventually managed to secure an A for the A level exams, with help from the Chemistry Guru. Thank you Mr Puah!” - Melissa Tang, RI, 2014/15

“Chem Guru helped me improve from a U in prelims to a B for A levels in less than 3 months!! Mr Puah was very helpful and friendly and the materials he provided were really useful.” - Natalie Chiu, RI , 2014/15

"I got A for chem :)) I got a E grade for my Prelim 1 in July. Mr Puah's lessons are engaging and teaches us how to apply the content learnt into practical answering. Every lesson was engaging and Mr Puah made sure our foundation for the subject was well grounded." - Sing Hui, RVHS, 2014/15

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