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A Level Results 2016 (announced in Feb 2017)

74.1% of my 2016 batch have attained Distinctions. Congratulations to your achievements and I'm honoured to have played a small part in your results!

Student Testimonials

“Hi Mr Phua, I got a B for my chemistry. Although it isnt the best, I am quite satisfied with the result as this is probably my first pass in a chemistry exam :P Thank you once again for all your help and guidance, and your notes. :))” - Alfred See, AJC, 2015/16

“After undertaking in the Chemistry Guru programme for the whole of my A Level tenure and achieving top results in both prelims & A levels, I feel that Chemistry Guru has indeed been well worth my time. The simple, yet concise notes alongside Mr Puah's masterful teaching, guidance and patience has enabled me to grow and hone my abilities in Chemistry. Thanks a million, Mr Puah!” - Anonymous, AJC, 2015/16

“Hi Mr Puah, thank you for all your help. I got a B for my chem. Your classes really helped me a lot due to the effective recap of the topics, additional information and exposure to many questions. In addition to that, your constant encouragement and useful tips and materials really guided me throughout the whole year, right until the exams. Thank you.” - Faheemah, AJC, 2015/16

“Before attending Chem Guru, I hated Chemistry a lot and had no idea how to study the subject at all. However, after I started attending chem guru, I slowly began to understand and like the subject and I realise that the concept is actually very simple. Mr Puah broke down the different topics in a way such that I could understand Chemistry in a more holistic manner. I am very thankful I attended his lessons which made me look at chemistry in a brand new way.” - Leon Yeoh, AJC, 2015/16

“Hi Mr Puah! I got A for Chem! Thanks for reigniting my love for chemistry after being disappointed and unmotivated because I was always below average in my school exams. I would not have been able to score a distinction without your help! Your lessons are clear and simple to understand and even through text, your answers are straight to the point. You really made chemistry more fun. Thank you so much!” - Oh Jin Hui, AJC, 2015/16

“Thanks Mr Puah, Great learning journey in chemistry with you. Your teaching is very direct, straight to the point. You can pick out the key features of every topic. Thank you again.” - Oh Jun Ming, AJC, 2015/16

“Mr Puah is an extremely dedicated tutor, who goes out of his way to clarify any doubts or questions his students may have. He is a very patient tutor, whose teaching style I am very fond of. His clear and effective lessons helped me  make better sense of the crucial aspects of each topic, giving me greater confidence in the buildup towards the A levels exams. Thank you Mr Puah!” - Yow Chen En, AJC, 2015/16

“Hi Mr Puah, I got an A for chem! Thank you so much for your guidance in chem & without your help, I don't think I would have been able to jump so many grades in 6 months. I enjoyed your lessons very much and your notes were really very helpful :-)” - Cheryl Goh, ACJC, 2015/16

“Thank you Mr Puah for making Chem so easy to understand and for making Chem so interesting that it became my fav subject!!! Got an A for Chem!!! :)” - Dora Tay, ACJC, 2015/16

“I have never passed any of my school Chemistry exam except the first one. It was not that I never tried hard enough. I did. But I was never able to grasp Chemistry as it was taught in school or as was taught by my private tutor. Mr Puah made Chemistry simple for me to understand. He provides structure during his lessons through the use of mind maps, tables, etc so that I could follow his lessons with little difficulty. These are also very useful for revision purposes. In addition, he uses examples to illustrate key concepts; just the right number so that I am not overwhelmed. He gave pointers for eg. common mistakes, highlighted misconceptions and imparted vital exam skills that helped me gain confidence; enough to feel motivated to take on more and more questions to challenge myself. My only regret is not attending Mr Puah's lessons earlier. I started attending Mr Puah's classes in July during my second year in JC. I sat for the GCE A exam in November and obtained a B. Not a big deal for most people but to me, it was a feat. He could, in only 4 months, do something that others couldn't do for me in one and a half years. Thank you, Mr Puah :)” - Najat Binte Wahid, ACJC, 2015/16

“Struggling with JC chem? Finding it hard to push your chem grades past a pass? Chem guru is your answer. The transition from secondary school to JC chem was not kind to me at all. I was consistently failing my tests, and I had lost all interest in chem. Chem guru's comprehensive lessons and passion helped me regain my interest in chem and achieve the best grade I've ever gotten in my JC journey in my A level examinations, a B! To those who need help in chem, Chem guru's the way to go!” - Timothy Tan Lin Yun, CJC, 2015/16

“Hi Mr Puah, Tsinrong here. I managed to get an A for chemistry! Thank you very much for your help. I really benefited from your notes - it was very helpful to refer to for quick recaps! Especially the notes for Organic Chem! It made everything so much easier to memorise :) and thank you for your patience during consult sessions after class even though it took quite long sometimes! All the best Mr Puah and I hope more students can benefit from your teaching! :)” - Lee Tsinrong, HCI, 2015/16

“I got an A for Chem! Thank you so much Mr Puah, for making the subject so much more enjoyable, and clarifying complex concepts while providing such succinct notes.” - Tan Si Jia, HCI, 2015/16

“Hi Mr Puah I got an A for chem!! Thanks for providing us with notes that targets the important concepts tested and being patient during consultations! Managed to pull my grade up from a U in BT2 to B in prelims after I joined and finally an A in the A Levels!” - Wu Licheng, HCI, 2015/16

“I was having trouble passing chemistry for a large part of my JC life. It was rather late in J2 when I started going for Chemistry Guru tuition. With his detailed explaining of concepts and patient clarifying of doubts, Mr Puah managed to improve my A-level chemistry grade to an A only within a few months. I'm truly grateful to him for helping me miraculously achieve something that I never thought I would be able to.” - Rachel Lim, RI, 2015/16

“Mr Puah is truly a passionate teacher who ensures that every lesson is productive. When I first joined his class merely a few months away from A levels, I was very confused about several concepts and I was not feeling confident. However, since Mr Puah focuses on a specific topic per lesson, and since he goes through every area with great detail, I was able to quickly clear my doubts. His useful examination tips simplified several complicated theories taught in school, which helped me feel more prepared. I'm really grateful! Thank you so much Mr Puah, with your help I was able to improve from an E to A grade in a few months!” - Ravindranath Chrishma, RI, 2015/16

“I have improved tremendously under Mr Puah. His notes are very concise yet have a full coverage on the various topics. He will highlight the important concepts that are tested and encourage us to memorise through mind maps and tables. The lessons on organic chem are especially effective as Mr Puah often explain the fundamentals, which are not in syllabus, but essential for us to grasp the concepts that makes organic chem easy and understandable. Thank you Mr Puah for your guidance.” - Song Lizhi, RI, 2015/16

“Chemistry was really a tough subject for me especially in year 6 and i finally decided to seek external help at the second half of year 6, which is pretty late. Even though i only joined for abount 3 months before A levels started, i managed to understand the concepts and link the questions to the content knowledge. Chemistry really became easier to understand in Chem Guru because of the clear and concise explanations as well as tricks that can help students to remember better. Mr Puah also went the extra mile of giving me consultations after the lessons which really helped me. I also appreciated the fact that Mr Puah always made sure that we get out basics right first before going on the challenging questions. Thank you very much!” - Zhu Qi, RI, 2015/16

“Mr Puah is very thorough and rigour in teaching concepts for A level chemistry and he goes an extra mile in letting us know the common mistakes made in examinations which make us more cautious and attentive and definitely more well prepped for exams. He really breaks down mind boggling concepts into simplistic ways for us to remember and understand. I've never felt so enlightened learning A level chemistry as I have been getting Us throughout my JC life. Attending his classes made me improve so much!” - Ezzah Zafeerah, TPJC, 2015/16

“I got an A for Chem :) Chem Guru has really made learning and understanding chemistry a whole lot easier and I thank Mr Puah for his patience and guidance that helped me improve from an S to an A!” - Shann Liew, VJC, 2015/16


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