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A Level Results 2017 - Student Testimonials (announced in Feb 2018)

"Hi! I got a B for H2 chem. I have always struggled with chemistry! Mr puah's teaching has helped me improve my chemistry grade tremendously within a short period of 2 months. He is very clear in explanation and provides me with a new perspective on how to tackle the questions. His teaching gave me the boost I needed during the last leg of the A levels!" - Brenda Lee, ACJC, 2016/17

"Mr Puah is an excellent teacher that has helped me with his extremely concise and friendly teaching! When I was struggling and failing in J2 with Organic Chemistry, his consultations were very helpful and eventually helped me get the grade I wanted :)" - Fergus Mok, AJC, 2016/17

"I had a lot of struggle passing Chemistry since J1 but after joining Chemistry Guru I have seen improvement in my marks and it has also helped me sustain a good score for chemistry. The resources given were also very useful as well and the guidance given by Mr. Puah is something I could never ask for more. He was willing to help us in every way he could." - Thurghe Vaishnavi, IJC, 2016/17

"Thank you for being a great chem tutor! Your lessons are very detailed and i enjoyed it when you went an extra mile to explain things that were never explained by my school notes. My chem foundation was never strong but thank you for taking your time and answering my questions!" - Christy Chua, NJC, 2016/17

"thank u so much mr puah, you are super helpful nice & approachable! u have really made me appreciate chem bc before joining ur classes I absolutely hated the subject lol but things have changed now :b i will miss your lessons :)" - Constance Tan, NJC, 2016/17

"Hi Mr Puah,I got B for my chem.Even though it wasn't the results I expected but it was still a major improvement from my prelim grades.Your teaching methods allow me to quickly grasp the important concepts and it made chem much easier to understand.I feel that I made the right choice signing up for your tution before A lvl.Thank you Mr Puah!!" - Diong Wei Jun, PJC, 2016/17

"Mr Puah is truly an inspiring teacher. He is always willing to stay back after classes to clarify our queries, and replies messages promptly to clear our doubts! He has the ability to make the once seemingly complex topics easy to understand, and also giving us one-shot technique that is useful in tackling questions of the same topic in the future. I had picked up many tips and tricks from attending his classes, and chemistry did really seem easier as compared to when I hasn't joined. Thank you Mr Puah for pulling up my grades, it was a regret not finding out about ChemGURU earlier if not I'm pretty I can perform even better.
Tips to juniors: Paper1 is equally important and has the ability to pull u down by 1 grade! Be consistent in all exam papers even though MCQ is the last." - Mandy Ho, PJC, 2016/17

"Hi Mr Puah, got a B for Chem and am abit disappointed in myself but am very thankful for all your lessons and guidance. You are really caring and always took time to answer all my questions after lessons which helped to clarify many basic misconceptions I had. Thanks for working so hard for the past year and all the best!" - Chester Ng, RJC, 2016/17

"Thanks Mr Puah for helping me with my chemistry! I was doing quite badly for chem because I couldn't understand a few topics but with his patient guidance and comprehensice materials, I managed to improve to an A at A levels! Thanks again for all the help :)" - Elena Lee, RJC, 2016/17

"Mr Puah puts a lot of effort in preparing his lessons and is very patient in helping his students understand the topic and correct any misconceptions! My chemistry improved quickly under his tutelage and I'm Very grateful for his help" - Hu Junyi, RJC, 2016/17

"Hi Mr Puah I got an A for chem!! (""": this was really a dream for me, and I would like to thank u so much for all the help you have given me since I joined at the end of j1 (back when I still got an E for chem). Really so glad that I made the decision to join ur class, because you really helped me grasp the chem concepts in a much easier way, and chem suddenly made so much more sense to me haha :) Thanks too for always entertaining my questions because you really clarified my doubts(: I'll actually recommend people to join ur class right from the beginning so they can lay the foundation well from the start HAHAHA THANKS SO MUCH MR PUAH!!!! :) - Joan Koh, RJC, 2016/17

"hello Mr Puah! thank you for all the effort you put into our classes to ensure that we understand our chemistry concepts fully, and for always being patient with us- always willing to clarify any doubts we have, even outside of lesson time. I started out as a fumbling student with abysmal chemistry grades, but under your tutelage I managed to regain my interest and obtain a greater understanding of chemistry which enabled me to score A for the A-level exams. I am extremely grateful for your help!" - Lim Wei Zheng, RJC, 2016/17

"Hi Mr Puah, I got an A for Chem! Really really thankful for all the help you have given me and was honestly surprised that I managed to get an A after never having come close to it for 2 years. Your way of teaching and ability to simplify the hardest of concepts with analogies is truly inspiring! Once again would like to thank you for all the help and support you've given me and I'm sure you'll manage to nurture and inspire a ton more 'A's for Chemistry!" - Lucas Foo, RJC, 2016/17

"Hi Mr Puah, I got a B for chem (: Your enriching and interesting teaching methods make me look forward to chemistry tuition every monday and the trips from boonlay to bishan and bishan to cck worth it ! :) Thank you!" - Fong Jing Han, RVHS, 2016/17

"Hi sir i got a B for chem. I really appreciate all the help youve given me for the past 2 years to help me understand chem and going the extra mile to stay back after lessons to clear my doubts. Thank you for everything" - Mark Wee, SAJC, 2016/17

"mr puah is very knowledgeable in his field of study and was able to address all of my questions. he was very patient and went beyond his job scope and stayed back almost every lesson to address all of my questions, this has allowed me to score an A for my a level exams! thank you mr puah!" - Vanessa Toh, SAJC, 2016/17

"Mr Maverick Puah is a motivating and inspiring teacher who is able to explain difficult concepts in an easily digestible format. He also provides very concise yet comprehensive notes that are very useful studying tools. He is a very patient teacher who will answer students' questions in a clear and concise manner and is aware of the common misconceptions of students and is therefore able to focus on important parts to ensure that students fully understand chemistry and do not have any misconceptions." - Thomas Tio, SRJC, 2016/17

"Mr Phua's lessons were always engaging and there was ample opportunity for us to explore different solutions for various organic chemistry questions, or to ask questions to clarify my doubts to deepen my understanding of the topic of discussion. Attending Mr Phua's lessons exposed me to numerous tips helpful in answering questions and expanded my knowledge of the topics with his interactive style of teaching. I'm thankful for Mr Phua's dedication in going through complicated questions and theories in great detail. One can definitely expect to acquire tips to study Chemistry and gain much skills to answering questions from his classes. Thank you Mr Phua! :)" - Sandy Wu, TJC, 2016/17

"Thank you Mr Puah for your help in improving my chemistry grade to a B. After struggling in school for awhile, your classes really helped to condense the content and link the different chapters for easy learning. The notes were very effective in my revision too. Thank you!" - Ng Jun Yang, TPJC, 2016/17

"Hi Mr Puah, thank you very much for your guidance through the preparation journey to As. I'm happy to say I got an A for Chemistry. I never would have imagined myself to have achieved it from a U when I first entered your tuition. But your notes really cleared up many gaps I had and were very much key in my revision for the actual paper. Thank you once again." - Joy Eng, VJC, 2016/17

"Hello Mr Puah, i got a B for chem. This is the highest grade I got for chem in my entire two years. The notes provided by you are very very concise and gets straight to the point, which makes memorising chemical equations and reactions so much more effortless. Furthermore drawing "cartoons" allowed for better illustration and understanding, which is so much better than the black and white pictures in our school lecture notes. Mr Puah's 2-3 pages of notes can easily replace my school's 26 pages of notes, simply because it cuts out all the unnecessary information. Mr Puah also teaches some out of syllabus stuff so as to allow better understanding. Overall, my chem grade would have been so much worst without this tuition ;)" - Goh Meng Huang, YJC, 2016/17

You can also view the photos of my student testimonials 2017 at my Facebook Page.

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