Revision Class (Online via Zoom)

Our intensive revision classes are suitable for students who need a crash course on selected topics before major exams.

Each course is 4 to 5 weeks long. All lessons are conducted online via Zoom by Singapore's top JC Chemistry tutor Maverick Puah.

Practice questions will be given for students to attempt before lesson. Solutions with in-depth explanation will be discussed in class to boost understanding.

Summary notes and additional practice questions with solutions will also be given.

"Breaks down concepts with detail very well"

"Even though I was with Chemistry Guru for only a few months, I felt that my time spent there was worth it. After a tiring day at school, I enjoyed having a relaxing environment to learn and I was exposed to interesting approaches to different topics and question types. Mr Puah really lives up to his centre's motto of 'Making Chemistry Simpler'. He breaks down concepts with detail very well which makes understanding and revision much easier and effective. In the end, I managed to get an A for A levels! Thank you Mr Puah!"

Denzel Goh, RJC

testimonial denzel goh

Revision Classes Available

  JC2 Organic JC2 Physical JC1 Core
Venue Online (Zoom) Online (Zoom) Online (Zoom)
Level JC2 JC2 JC1

Intro to Org Chem

Hydro carbons

Halogeno alkanes


Carbonyl Cpds

Acid and Derivs

Nitrogen Cpds and Proteins



Ionic Eqm

Buffer and Titration Curve

Solubility Product

Electro chemistry

Mole Concept and Redox

Atomic Structure

Chem Bonding


Gaseous State



Chemical Eqm

Number of Lesson 5  5 4
Fees $350 (including trial) $350 (including trial) $280 (including trial)
Trial $70 $70 $70
Consult via WhatsApp WhatsApp WhatsApp


On-Demand Video Lessons for JC2 Organic Chem Revision

JC2 students who wish to revise organic chemistry at your own pace can consider our on-demand video lessons.

The content and resources are the same as online Zoom lessons scheduled in August and October.

Fees are $350 for 5 lessons. No trial lesson is available for on-demand lessons.

Please contact us for details. Find out more info on our on-demand video lessons.

Upcoming Sessions

  Mon 6 - 7.45pm Mon 8 - 9.45pm

1. 29 Jul

2. 5 Aug

3. 12 Aug

4. 19 Aug

5. 26 Aug

JC2 Org 1

JC2 Org 2

JC2 Org 3

JC2 Org 4

JC2 Org 5


 1. 2 Sep

2. 9 Sep

3. 16 Sep

4. 23 Sep

JC1 Core 1

JC1 Core 2

JC1 Core 3

JC1 Core 4


1. 30 Sep

2. 7 Oct

3. 14 Oct

4. 21 Oct

5. 28 Oct

JC2 Org 1

JC2 Org 2

JC2 Org 3

JC2 Org 4

JC2 Org 5

JC2 Phy 1

JC2 Phy 2

JC2 Phy 3

JC2 Phy 4

JC2 Phy 5

Fees and Registration

Fees are as follows:

JC2 Organic Revision - $350 for 5 lessons (including trial)

JC2 Physical Revision - $350 for 5 lessons (including trial)

JC1 Core Revision - $280 for 4 lessons (including trial)

Trial is available at $70. To register for trial lesson please contact us via

SMS/Whatsapp: 9858 8060

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between your regular classes and revision classes?

A. Our regular classes are conducted on a continuous weekly basis to give students a comprehensive and solid foundation in their H2 Chemistry concepts. Our revision classes are 4 to 5 week courses to recap important concepts for selected topics before major exams.

Q. Where are your revision classes conducted? Do you have physical classes for revision?

A. Revision classes are conducted online via Zoom. There is no physical classes for revision courses.

Q. I paid $70 for the trial lesson. If I want to continue lessons after trial, are the fees payable still $350 / $280?

A. Fees of $350 / $280 include the trial. If you wish to continue after trial, fees payable will be the balance amount of $280 / $210.

Q. Do your regular classes include revision before major exams? Do I need to sign up for additional revision classes?

A. Yes revision is included for regular classes in September for JC1 and June onwards for JC2. Students attending regular classes do not need to sign up for additional revision lessons.

Q. I'm a JC2 who needs tuition after June. Should I sign up for regular or revision classes?

A. We have a comprehensive revision for regular classes from June onwards to prepare JC2 students well for A Levels. JC2 Students are recommended to sign up for regular classes. Revision classes are suitable for students who sign up from July onwards and have missed certain topics such as organic chemistry. Please check with us on the revision topics that we have covered for JC2 regular classes.

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