Strong Oxidation of Alkene and Alkylbenzene

Let's take a look at our discussion question this week!

221121 question

We want to determine the product formed when compound G is oxidised with hot acidified KMnO4.

Functional groups present are alkene and alkylbenzene.

Let's recap their oxidation first.

1. Strong oxidation of alkenes

221121 strong oxidation of alkene

We have recap this in our video lesson last week.

2. Strong oxidation of alkylbenzene

If carbon directly attached to benzene has minimum 1 hydrogen, it will be oxidised to benzoic acid.

221121 strong oxidation of alkylbenzene

Check out this video lesson for in-depth discussion of strong oxidation of alkylbenzene.

Let's take a look at compound G and deduce the product.

221121 deduce product

Blue carbon is a methyl group with 3 hydrogens so it will be oxidised to acid group.

Yellow carbon is a quaternary carbon hence it cannot be oxidised.

Green carbon is alkene carbon attached to benzene and hydrogen so will be oxidised to acid group.

Orange carbon is alkyl carbon with 2 hydrogens so it will be oxidised to acid group.

This will result in the breaking of C-C bond between orange and pink carbons.

Finally the pink carbon will be isolated due to oxidation of alkene and oxidation of orange alkyl carbon.

This pink carbon will be oxidised to carbon dioxide and water.

Hence the answer to this question will be option D.

221121 answer

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