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Student Testimonials for A Level 2023 (announced in Feb 2024)

Bishan Class

“Mr Puah is a very dedicated tutor who has guided me through the 2 years of the strenuous Chemistry syllabus. His notes are very concise and informative which helped me to revise Chemistry with ease. Mr Puah is a very patient tutor who will stay back with me after class to clarify the questions I have EVERY WEEK WITHOUT FAIL! That’s what made me motivated to study Chemistry and finally get an A for my A Levels, which is a huge improvement from C in J1. I will forever remember Mr Puah, thank you for saving my grades! =)” - Geraint Chow, NJC, 2022/23

“Hi Mr Puah, managed to get an A for Chemistry. Thank you for all the lessons. Your teaching style and notes really helped me grasp the concepts better and helped me remember various key details. Thank you!” - Shiva, TMJC, 2022/23

“hello mr puah, i got a B for chem!! thank you for all the help these 1.5 years and especially leading up to actual As itself. ive consistently scored an E for chem and got S for prelims so i was really scared but thanks to your patience and helping to answer my many questions almost everyday leading up to As no matter how dumb they sounded, and even going the extra mile to write out the detailed elaboration for each question with links to specific videos on your website to help ensure that i fully understood your explanation, i managed to improve so much in such a short period of time. your prompt response to each question no matter the time of the day had also really helped me clear up my doubts quickly and your encouragement and belief in me helped me to have more confidence in myself too! you are one of the tutors that really go above and beyond for your students, and for that i am very grateful! so yeah thank you” - Celeste Lian, VJC, 2022/23

Online Webinar

“I got a B for Chem! Thank you Mr Puah for helping me improve from a U to B grade for Chem. Your lessons really helped me revise Chem more efficiently and made me more confident in Chem!” - Trevian Hutabarat, ACJC, 2022/23

“Hi Mr Puah! I got a B for Chemistry! This is a big jump from the usual U and S that i get for my school exams. Your materials really helped me a lot in terms of understanding concepts, which I was previously very weak at. Thank you so much for your support” - Emma Tan, DHS, 2022/23

“Hi Mr Puah, i got a B for chemistry! It is really a big jump from S in prelims. Thank you for all the mindmaps for organic and inorganic chem which helped me consolidate my learning! I really appreciate the organic chemistry reaction and conditions kahoot which was able to allow me to memorise the countless r&c effectively. Thank you for always answering my queries and referring me to your videos on youtube as well!” - Maisy Chua, DHS, 2022/23

“Hi Mr Puah i got a B! Improved from a U in promos to B in As:) Thank you for teaching concepts clearly and always attending to my queries. Your lessons helped me understand difficult concepts and allowed me to conquer As! Thanks for ur guidance” - Tiffany Tung, EJC, 2022/23

“Thank you Mr Puah I got an A for Chemistry Thank you for your notes they were very useful for revising the subject and your lesson were also easy to understand.” - Zhou Jiashun, EJC, 2022/23

“Mr Puah is a very patient teacher who uses creative ways to explain complicated concepts to let students better understand it. Besides that, he gives students many practice questions to allow students to hone on their skills. He even took a step further to create summaries and Kahoot quizzes for revision.” - Goh Si Ying, JPJC, 2022/23

“The lessons are very well structured and I enjoyed learning about the Chemistry concepts in ways that are easier to understand :)” - Chan Kah Min, NJC, 2022/23

“Hi Mr Puah, thanks for being my chemistry tutor for about 2 years. Thanks for always answering my long winded questions and always helping me with your detailed notes. I managed to get A for chemistry, once again thank you!” - David Philip, RJC, 2022/23

“Hi Mr Puah, I scored an A in Chemistry! Thank you for being a patient and dedicated teacher. I appreciate your very thorough explanations. You showed how seemingly unrelated topics can be interconnected, which gave me the right mindset for solving novel application questions and really improved my understanding. The notes you gave were easy to understand, and your quizzes made lessons fun. Your Kahoot quiz on organic chem R&C was especially useful during my last-minute revision. Thanks to your guidance, I made a great improvement from C in prelims. I would definitely recommend your classes to future students.” - Iyer Varun Ravi, TMJC, 2022/23

“hi mr puah!! I scored an A for chemistry alevel and I would like to thank you for tutoring me in chemistry! You made chemistry much easier for me to understand and I really enjoyed the lessons, especially the kahoot sessions!! Thank you for always being there when I have questions that I am unsure of. I’ve always recommended your tuition lessons to my friends because I’m impressed at how this tuition helped me to improve my grades and understanding of chemistry tremendously!” - Fay Ong, VJC, 2022/23

“Hey Mr Puah! I got an A for my H2 chem. I'd like to thank you for your informative lessons over the past year! They've helped me tremendously!” - Kalkin Kumar, VJC, 2022/23

Student Testimonials for A Level 2022 (announced in Feb 2023)

Bishan Class

"Thank you so much Mr Puah! All your lessons (especially Organic Chemistry, Energetics and Chem Equilibria) were informative, thorough and easy to understand. I was finally able to grasp Organic Chemistry with your guidance and I couldn't be more grateful for helping me to pull my grades up from an E to a final A in the actual A-level examinations :D. The online recordings were extremely useful in helping me to catch up with lessons that I missed and I deeply appreciate the comprehensive answers you gave whenever I asked you questions after class. ChemGuru has really been essential in my journey through H2 Chemistry " - Cedric Koh, NYJC, 2021/22 

"hi sir! i got an A for chemistry for the first time in JC EVER. thank you for being so helpful, approachable and understanding, you never fail to explain even the very basics to us, which is really helpful especially for those who don't dare voice out that we don't know what's going on :) you prepare so many notes and questions both online and offline, i always felt reassured knowing that i had this Wealth of Chemistry knowledge to turn to whenever i was in doubt! your explanations were always crystal clear and patient, thank you so much for giving us so much support over the past 1 or 2 years!" - Alexis Ang Bowie, RJC, 2021/22

"Hello :) I got an A for Chem!! Thank you for your help and support throughout the years :)" - Annabelle Yeow, RJC, 2021/22

"Hi Mr Puah, I’ll like to send you a note of thanks. Jared received an “A” grade in Chemistry for his A levels. He was struggling with the subject prior to lessons with you. Thank you for your clear and helpful lessons." - Mrs Goh, Parent of Jared Goh, RJC, 2021/22

Online Webinar

"Mr Puah's detailed explanations to my queries were what I believed to be the key to attaining a B at A levels despite struggling with chem early on in the year. His notes were also condensed and helped to bring up content knowledge quickly and effectively with the time constraints faced during preparation for A levels." - Chan Wei Chong, JPJC, 2021/22

"even though i joined quite late in my j2 year, your explanations were clear and easy to understand, which allowed me to jump from a S/U in mid years and prelims to a B in A levels! thank you for your guidance and support in chemistry :-)" - Tan Hui Ning, DHS, 2021/22

"mr puah’s lessons are really easy to follow and he is able to effectively unpack difficult questions for his students to understand. he also provides a range of extra materials for students! i really admire how he links different topics together using different concepts and formulas, which comes in handy when tackling questions targeting a multitude of concepts from different topics. lastly, his summary sheets and mock papers makes it easy to study for examinations! i am thankful for mr puah’s guidance in helping me achieve an A in h2 chemistry" - Charlene Tay, RJC, 2021/22

"Hi Mr Puah, I got B for chemistry, although it’s short of the A, I’m quite satisfied as it is a big improvement from my prelims. Thank you for teaching me chemistry over the past few months!
Testimonial: Chemistry is a tricky subject for many students in JC, myself included, as I struggled to grasp concepts in school and the teachers often taught at a quick pace, so before I even understood a topic, they had already moved on to the next topic. However, Mr Puah conducts his lessons at an appropriate pace and explains complicated concepts in a concise and easily understandable manner, as well as making sure to pause at certain times during the lesson to check if we have doubts and if so, he would patiently clarify them. Thanks to Mr Puah, I no longer felt lost during chemistry lessons in school and better understood the content being taught." - Huang Renyuan, RJC, 2021/22

"mr puah i got A for chem! it was so unexpected considering i got a D for prelims. thank u so much for your help and guidance the past few months even though i joined really late into the year " - Wong Ai Chi, RJC, 2021/22

"Hi Mr Puah, i got a B for chemistry. Your lessons complemented my school lessons really well since you covered some concepts that were not taught in school. Consequently, i have learnt to appreciate chemistry better as a subject under your tutelage. The misconceptions i have for certain topics were easily corrected during the lessons too. Thank you for being a such a great tutor!" - Eowyn Xie, TMJC, 2021/22

Student Testimonials for A Level 2021 (announced in Feb 2022)

Bishan Classes

"the past 2 years under mr puah’s guidance has been nothing short of insightful and amazing. being someone who did decent in chem up till organic chem started, i struggled and felt lost. attending mr puah’s weekly lessons, i started to find the joy in chem and i started to appreciate the beauty and the rough parts of it. even in the middle of the night when in doubt, mr puah still manages to respond to my messages to clarify my problems. mr puah is more than an educator, he motivates and care for the well-being of his students and that is something i’ll miss most. thank u mr puah!" - Audrey Ng, ACJC, 2020/21

"Hello Mr Puah I got an A for chemistry. Thank you so much for your lessons. The flexibility between online and in class sessions really helped me manage my time more effectively. Plus the recordings of the lessons ensured that if I wasn’t able to give my 100% during lesson I would still be able to make full use of the session! With the help of your resources I managed to get myself an A for A levels, a feat I never would have imagined possible after getting a U for Mid year exams! " - Aryan, ASRJC, 2020/21

"Mr puah had played a big role in my understanding of organic chemistry. When i first came to his class, I was extremely lost with the already overwhelming content for chemistry. Thanks to the chemistry guru summary sheets and practices, I was able to not only just grow an understanding for chemistry but also a deeper appreciation of the chemical reactions which I have previously not notice or thought of. Mr puah has opened up the world of chemistry to me!" - Benjamin Too, CJC, 2020/21

"Hi Mr Puah, I got a B for chem, which was honestly a miracle because I screwed up paper 2 and paper 3 😅 Thank you so much for your constant help and guidance throughout my J2! Extremely grateful for your prompt and detailed answers to my questions!" - Kenneth Utomo, CJC, 2020/21

“I managed to get an A for chemistry and I want to thank you for your effort and dedication in helping us to improve! I was especially weak in inorganic chem, but with repeated exposure, revision, and explanations that are easy to understand, I became more comfortable with those topics over time. Organic chem seemed unpredictable to me, but your framework and method to answer organic chem questions really helped to break it down to something more structured and manageable. I definitely couldn’t have improved and achieved good results without your patient guidance!! ☺️” - Jolyn Tan, HCI, 2020/21

"hello mr puah, thank you for your guidance for the past 1.5 years! thank you for always answering our questions after class and online, and always being patient while explaining the more difficult concepts to us! your notes also have been really helpful as they were very informative even while being kept short! I got A for chem! thank you very much mr puah!" - Faith Yeong, SAJC, 2020/21

"mr puah is a very good teacher. he is very clear in his explanations and repeats those important concepts multiple times to ensure that his students will understand completely. he is also a very encouraging teacher that tells us to never give up. he try to help us as much as he can by replying as soon as possible. ever since i joined, i have really seen great improvements in my results throughout my journey" - Bernice Loh, TJC, 2020/21

"i turned to Mr Puah after getting U in chemistry for mid years after family friends recommended him to me. before joining, i used to really struggle with organic chemistry and found it hard to make the links between the concepts taught and the questions given. but within a few weeks, i was much better equipped and prepared to answer organic chemistry questions with confidence. even though i only managed an E grade by the time prelims came, i struggled hard and eventually got a B for A levels! Mr Puah is well versed in the ways of how teachers set exam questions and makes good predictions on what will come out with high accuracy. in fact, despite transition metals being a common last topic (CLT) in which questions set on the topic were to be crossed out, Mr Puah predicted that the A Levels still could touch on transition metals. on the day of the exam, the transition metals question was indeed not cancelled out but instead modified to make it attemptable by students at which many students were stumped by the appearance of the topic. lastly, Mr Puah is very approachable on whatsapp and his round the clock text consultation session came in handy for me when i was practicing challenging exam questions and did not understand. the only regret i have is not joining ChemistryGuru sooner to boost my grades! thank you for being such an approachable and knowledgeable tutor Mr Puah!" - Josiah Rachmat, TJC, 2020/21"

Online Webinars

"Hi Mr Puah, I managed to get A for chem! Thanks for tutoring me over the past year:) Mr Puah's lessons are fun and engaging. Through the weekly webinars, I managed to learn and apply chemistry knowledge in both exams and real world situations. I have also gained greater confidence when working on chemistry papers and tests in school and managed to improve from an average E grade to B in prelims and eventually an A in the A level exam. For those who are weaker in chemistry, fret not, stop hesitating and sign up for lessons on chemistry guru!" - Hao Yang, DHS, 2020/21

"Hi Mr Puah, I got an A for Chemistry! Thank you for breaking down the complicated concepts in your lessons which helped me to better understand the content, and also for your tips and concise notes which I referred to a lot in the lead-up to As. Thank you also for always answering my whatsapp questions really promptly with detailed explanations. Your lessons were structured and well-planned and I learnt a lot from them :)" - Lee Yann Wei, HCI, 2020/21

"Hi Mr Puah! I obtained an A and I’m very thankful for all of the help that you’ve provided over the two years ☺️. Mr Puah’s online webinar lessons were not only of convenience to me but also helped greatly when it came to reinforcing my understanding of chemistry concepts, especially those that I struggled to grasp previously. Despite having never attended his lessons on-site before, Mr Puah still went out of his way to help me and was always willing to provide a thorough answer to questions that I sent to him over WhatsApp. Truly grateful for his patient guidance and care for students!" - Stefanie Tan, HCI, 2020/21

"Thanks for your amazing teaching which made Chem much more easy and a whole lot understandable" - Neeraj, JPJC, 2020/21

"Hi Mr Puah, i’ve got an A for chem!! Thank you so much for your concise and easy to understand teaching it has really helped me so much thru the 2 years:) I can actually rely on your classes for most topics to build on my foundation and understanding opposed to lectures in school HaHA. once again, thank you so much for your teaching and immediate help along the way!!" - Averie Ng, NYJC, 2020/21

"hello mr puah, i got an A for my Chem and i wasnt really expecting that. Thank you for your guidance teacher!! I came to Mr Puah approximately 2 months before As to reinforce my chemistry concepts and to keep my knowledge fresh. The online webinars were really beneficial as it allowed me to study at my own pace, own time without having to be physically in the classroom. The whatsapp consultations really helped me a lot as Mr Puah is 24/7 ready for my questions, and he will explain all the concepts to me patiently until i get the concepts right and clear. Overall, Mr Puah is a knowledgeable and responsible chemistry tutor. Thank you Mr Puah for your guidance and help which allow me to achieve my A for chemistry in A-Level." - Kng Kah Sheng, Private Candidate, 2020/21

"Hi Mr Puah I got B for Chem. I have been constantly getting S/E for my exams but finally for A levels, I managed to improve. Thank you for your patience in replying to my questions. The notes u have provided for us and the “last min” reviews (esp for practical) has proven useful for me. Thank you so much for everything ❤️and yea …please continue inspiring more students to discover their true chem potentials!! 🥳🥳🌻 thank you and hope to stay in touch with you!!" - Poornima, RI, 2020/21

"hi Mr Puah, this is pei yun from RJ :) Although i have not messaged you much to ask about chem-related questions, its because i find your lessons really easy to follow and they really help to clear my doubts for each topic. Im really grateful for all the notes because they are easy to understand and they explain the concepts clearly. All these resources really helped me to fully prepare for the A Level exams, hence allowing me to achieve an A in chem. Thank you so much for the continuous guidance throughout my JC journey :D" - Su Pei Yun, RI, 2020/21

"hi mr Phua! i got an A for chem and i just want to say thank you for all your help since the beginning of j1 and helping to make chem theories and explanations much easier. Your lessons were really in depth and I truly appreciate all your help, esp for answering my questions late at night sometimes for the past 2 years!! thank youu☺️" - Gail Lim, SAJC, 2020/21

"I managed to get a B for chemistry! Mr Puah is one of the most committed and experienced teacher in the field of H2 Chemistry. Attending his lessons were something I looked forward to each week. Despite the limitations brought about by the pandemic, he was able to use online platforms to his advantage to tutor his students. His lessons are detailed yet concise, making it easy to follow along and learn at my own pace, as I could even review past lessons on the online platform, or ask for assistance via WhatsApp. All in all, I had a great experience with Chemistry Guru and would strongly recommend it to anyone who needs that extra push in Chemistry." - Reuel Toh, SAJC, 2020/21

"hi Mr Puah, I got B 😭 :( it was quite unexpected but overall I'm happy with my results :D I only started joining ur lessons in May and it was only a short few mths with you but I am really thankful for ur guidance. I actually learnt a lot through your on demand videos, live webinar revision and also your youtube videos. You always tried to explain the concepts to us in a simpler way and I managed to grasp those difficult concepts quickly. You also gave us lots of practices and explained those commonly tested qns which greatly helped me to clear my misunderstanding on certain concepts and exposed me to various qn types to familiarise myself. also, thank you for always replying to my qns asap!! thank you Mr Puah!!😊😃" - Yeo Pei Zhen, SAJC, 2020/21

Student Testimonials for A Level 2020 (announced in Feb 2021)

“Mr. Puah's concise chemistry notes and detailed explanations often helped me see the links between chapters and achieve an overall better understanding of the entire syllabus. His consistent efforts helped me to jump several grades! Truly a very commited and helpful tutor :)” - Eva Mary Arun, ASRJC, 2019/20

“Hii Mr Puah, I got an A for chemistry :D!! Thank you so much for your guidance for the last 4-5 months before alevels last year!! Your notes were concise and explanation of concepts was easy to follow which helped me a lot despite chemistry being a huge struggle for me previously :)) (I jumped from a U for mye to an D for prelims and finally an A for alevels yay)” - Ngia Wenxin, EJC, 2019/20

“Hi Mr Puah, this is Hazelle from your chemistry class last year. I’ve got an A in Chem and would like to thank you for your unwavering guidance, as well as detailed notes and practice questions, which has helped me to gain a better understanding of the subject as a whole” - Hazelle Leong, HCI, 2019/20

"Hello Mr Puah I managed to get A for chemistry! Thank you for replying to so many of my questions. Your explanations are very clear both via text and your online lessons too! I highly recommend your online lessons as ppl can rewind back and re-listen to your explanations if they didn’t get it initially. The practices provided are also rly good for revision. Many of the qns covered were commonly tested but I couldn’t find them in school lecture practices and tutorials." - Wee Sherya, HCI, 2019/20

“i scored an A in h2 chemistry in the A levels with mr Puah’s help! he is a patient and kind teacher who helped me understand chemistry concepts a lot better! he was readily available for consultation after class and through whatsapp as well! due to covid-19, i opted for the weekly live online classes instead of the in-person ones. his online lessons were well planned and thorough as well. thank you for your help mr Puah!” - Charmaine Tay, RI, 2019/20

“hi mr Puah, got an A for chemistry. thanks for the guidance and despite the covid situation making it different to learn, u were able to adapt and provide the support needed! really unexpected grade ahahaha so thank you for always replying to my questions asap :)” - Isabelle Sim, RI, 2019/20

“hi mr puah, i got an A for chemistry! The weekly online lessons helped me to recap content and consolidate important concepts. Mr Puah also goes through common questions asked in exams. This allowed me to familiarise myself with these common questions and I was able to understand and answer questions much more quickly during the exam. Mr Puah’s explanations are very clear and easy to understand. He also provides his students with useful resources such as summary notes and past year questions. He helped clear my doubts immediately as i could simply whatsapp him any queries. I’m thankful for the lessons i had with Mr Puah and they really helped me excel in chemistry.” - Jeyakumar Rohit, RI, 2019/20

“Hi sir, I got an A for chemistry and I am very happy with my result! Thank you for being such a great Chemistry teacher :)” - Mirza, RI, 2019/20

“For most of my J1 life, I was preoccupied with trying to make the best of my school experience in non academic aspects like joining Council and Football. Hence, I became very busy and could barely keep up with the pace of Chemistry lectures and tutorials. This culminated in me scoring an S for my promotional exams. I immediately panicked and began to search for additional outside help. I was fortunate to stumble upon Mr Puah as he was always very approachable and willing to answer whatever questions other students and I had to ask. This really helped me clarify my doubts and deepen my understanding of Chemistry and its fundamental concepts. He never hesitated to teach some extra stuff which helped to enhance our comprehension of the topic in concern. He also quickly adapted to the circumstances around the pandemic and was very accommodating to our needs, for example when I was unavailable to attend the Zoom class, he would give me access to online lecture videos regarding the same topic which he had recorded previously. Admirably, Mr Puah curates impeccable notes and his teaching methods make Chemistry easy to understand. Without him, I am certain my H2 chemistry 'A' for A Levels would have been much more difficult to achieve. I sincerely recommend you give his tuition class a try for I have zero regrets!” - Sean Wong, RI, 2019/20

“i got a B. Mr Puah is a great teacher. His lessons are quick and concise and he provides all the necessary information for your child to be able to grasp the required chemistry concepts.” - Marcus Lim, SAJC, 2019/20

“Hello Mr Puah, I achieved an A for chemistry and that was thanks to the help that I have received from you. Despite me attending lessons from home due to covid, the lessons and worksheets you prepared has helped me alot in my preparation for the exams. Also, thank you for replying to all my questions so clearly over whatsapp! It really helped to clear all my doubts during the A levels” - Shannevie Teo, SAJC, 2019/20

“Before joining chemistryguru, i was struggling to understand certain chem topics and was lost in lectures and classes. However, after joining chemistryguru, I was able to turn things around and start seeing improvements in my chemistry. As mr Puah was able to explain the concepts in an easy to understand, yet thorough way, and was also experienced in teaching chem, he has helped me to understand the topics much better, and has also gave me greater confidence when dealing with chemistry questions. i got A for chem!! thank you for ur guidance!!” - Lee Jiayin, VJC, 2019/20

“hi mr Puah i got A for chem !! tysm i wldn’t have done it without you tbh i’ve been scoring D and below for chem and my love for chem slowly died out HAHA but your lessons reignited my love for chem ! all concepts were explained clearly and impt things to take note of were emphasized even extra practices are given to aid in my revision i rly don’t know how to thank you enoughh tysm :))” - Zelene Ang, VJC, 2019/20

Student Testimonials for A Level 2019 (announced in Feb 2020)

“Before i joined Chemistry Guru, my chemistry grades were fluctuating as i was weak in some topics and stronger in others. Though i joined only in J2, Mr Puah made sure i had cleared all my accumulated misunderstandings in the J1 topics through his revision classes. His teaching style was well suited for me as he really goes the extra mile to not just go through questions but also give tips to easily remember concepts. I always feel very enlightened and motivated to study chemistry after his classes, all thanks to Mr Puah!” - Iswarya, ACJC, 2018/19

“Mr Puah provided detailed notes and his lessons were clear and concise. He even brought up many points and concepts not taught in school. He also stayed back after classes to answer my questions patiently. He also has a youtube channel explaining A levels chemistry concepts and online resources such as past year papers and video lessons which were extremely helpful during revision period. With his help, I have attained an A for the A levels chemistry paper.” - Yeo Shu Heng, ACJC, 2018/19

“The weekly lessons were useful and helped build some foundation. The revision period during lessons after mid years was key in helping me revise for A’s but what was most useful were the video lessons which were also provided which allowed me to quickly recap on concepts which i was unsure of.” - Atif Hussein, ASRJC, 2018/19

“I have gotten an A for chem thanks to mr Puah. His lessons and notes are always clear and concise. Mr Puah is also very patient in teaching. I have asked him many questions over whatsapp and he has never failed to clarify my doubts. I joined chem guru few months before promos since i kept on scoring U in my chem tests and exams. Within these few months and his carefully crafted notes, i managed to get a E for chem promos. My grades then steadily increased to a C by prelims. The revision classes before alevels also help to boost my alevel grade to A. Thank you mr Puah!” - Liu Hao Tian, ASRJC, 2018/19

“Mr Puah is an extremely patient teacher who never fails to clarify all my doubts. In class, he explains difficult concepts in a simple way and always emphasises on understanding and not memorising the concept. This was very useful to me, as I had often struggled in organic chemistry. On top of that, his notes are very concise which made it much simpler for my revision. He also never fails to clarify my doubts, and would go the extra mile to answer my questions(especially on whatsapp). Thanks to him, I improved in my chem! Thanks Mr Puah!” - Ashley Lee, EJC, 2018/19

“Mr Puah is a very knowledgeable teacher who helped me get my A for chemistry. His notes are succinct and clear which helped in making my revision for efficient. He is also an engaging teacher who manages to incorporate humor into his teaching of chemistry concepts. Last but not least he is extremely patient when clarifying doubts to ensures that his students grasp their concepts well.” - Valerie Teo, HCI, 2018/19

“I got A, which was a miracle from my ever constant S and Us that i got in chem my whole 2 years!! Sorry for the late msg but am really really thankful for ur patience and precision in teaching us. Thankuu for always answering wtv qns i have after class so patiently Ure really a good and inspiring teacher and i really recommend u to any of my juniors who are struggling and failing in chem bcuz they are sure to find things much easier to understand once they have attended ur lessons. thankuu so much again“ - Anonymous, NYJC, 2018/19

“Although i only joined in j2, i have benefitted a lot from your lessons as it helped to clarified some of my doubts and let me understand the topics much better! your notes are also very concise and straight to the point which helped me saved a lot of time doing notes! the practices you gave us nearing As also helped me in not making the same mistakes when it comes to questions of the same concepts so thank you very much! “ - Astrid Lee, NYJC, 2018/19

“Hi Mr Puah, thanks for your help! I got an A for chemistry. Your patience in guiding me in topics that I struggled with, as well as the clarity of your lessons has indeed boosted my confidence in chemistry by a lot! Also, the notes that you have provided are very effective in grounding my knowledge better for the subject! :)” - Benjamin Ong, NYJC, 2018/19

“Hi mr Puah! I got a B! Didnt get an A but  still made a really big improvement from J1! Glad tht i started attending ur lessons in j2! Thanks for always replying to my questions so quickly on whatsapp and even drawing diagrams to make me understand better. “ - Constance Seah, NYJC, 2018/19

“Hi Mr Puah, thank you for your guidance in helping me to study chemistry more effectively. Being one of my weaker subjects, I struggled to memorise the technical stuff, much less use them to answer application questions. With your materials and detailed explainations, despite the short lessons  I have attended, I was managed to pull my chemistry grades from an  E from J1, up to a C in J2, and finally gotten a B in my A levels! I am very grateful for your support. You have been a tremendous help in helping me to survive through the gruelling chemistry syllabus!“ - Koh Zhi Qin, NYJC, 2018/19

“Mr Puah prepares very concised and detailed notes, which are very useful for a quick revision. He uses simple and easy to understand analogies to help us remember certain chemistry knowledge as well. The revision practices helped me to be exposed to a range of challenging questions, and be better prepared for the A Level exams.” - Leong Jun Kai, NYJC, 2018/19

“Hii mr Puah i got A for chem!! at the start, the big jump from o level chem to a level chem made it difficult for me to understand the new concepts being taught. however, after attending mr Puah's lessons and listening to the explanations for the worked examples during tuition, a level chemistry became a lot easier to understand and it became an enjoyable subject to learn about. mr Puah also always goes the extra mile, staying back after lessons just to answer our many questions and ensuring all our doubts are cleared. thanku mr Puah!!” - Rebecca Lai, NYJC, 2018/19

“I got an A for chemistry in the A levels, and I am very grateful for the support of Mr Puah. I have never attained a grade A in internal exams before. Though I joined Mr Puah only 2 months before A levels started, it made a difference as Mr Puah gave us concise crash courses and useful tips that weren’t taught in school. Mr Puah was also readily available to answer any of my queriers; even on text, he gave me detailed explanations to my questions that were easy to understand. I would highly recommend Mr Puah to my juniors as he made chemistry so much easier to grasp and is a very supportive teacher!” - Bernice Yeo, RI, 2018/19

“Even though I was with Chemistry Guru for only a few months, I felt that my time spent there was worth it. After a tiring day at school, I enjoyed having a relaxing environment to learn and I was exposed to interesting approaches to different topics and question types. Mr Puah really lives up to his centre's motto of "Making Chemistry Simpler". He breaks down concepts with detail very well which makes understanding and revision much easier and effective. Thank you Mr Puah!!” - Denzel Goh, RI, 2018/19

“Hi Mr Puah! i got A for my Alevels!:)) thanks for helping me jump frm a U to an A within a few months. i always recommended your tuition services to my friends who were struggling just like me, and always told them i wished i had joined your class in J1 which would definitely make my JC Chem journey more smooth sailing. Your in-depth teaching has helped me understand and appreciate chemistry on a deeper level! thank u so much for all your hard work:))” - Jeriel Koh, RI, 2018/19

“Mr Puah is a very patient teacher who answers all of our queries vv patiently!! His lessons are really helpful as he breaks down complicated content into bite-sized comprehensible portions He points out a lot of exam tips that I did not learn in school, which is v helpful! He is encouraging too and provides a lot of useful resources through his website, videos and portal. I would definitely recommend him :)” - Pearline Pang, RI, 2018/19

“Mr Puah is a very kind and patient teacher who will always spend time and effort in answering each and every of our questions with great detail. He explains difficult concepts simply so that it is easier to understand and provides comprehensive notes that highlights the key points of each topic.  His online videos are also very useful and easy to understand. thank you Mr Puah for your guidance and patience!” - Rebecca Leong, RI, 2018/19

“I got a B for chem! Definitely could have done better but I'm quite satisfied because all along I wasn't very good at chem. Only regret is that I should have joined earlier! I really like how Mr Puah helped to make difficult concepts clearer through the drawings and summary of the different types of problems. I especially enjoyed his organic chemistry and ionic equilibria lessons. Thank you so much for all the guidance along the way!! :)” - Huang Shanshan, RVHS, 2018/19

"Hi Mr Puah, wanted to say thank you for being such a great chem tutor. You always manage to explain difficult concepts in the simplest and most straightforward way to give me so many ah ha moments in your class. Thank you for all your encouraging words and staying late for extra consultations after class plus always answering my multitude of questions over WhatsApp. I really appreciate it." - Tang Yong Wei, TJC, 2018/19

“The lessons made it very easy to understand chemistry in a more fun and intuitive way” - Irwin Koh, TMJC, 2018/19

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Student Testimonials for A Level 2018 (announced in Feb 2019)

“I got a B! Mr Puah is a very patient and caring teacher who doesn’t fail to spend time after lessons to explain concepts that are harder to grasp. I was a bit slow and needed the extra guidance and mr Puah always made sure that I understood the concept before leaving the class hehe thanks mr Puah!” - Cheryl Chan, AJC, 2017/18

“Mr Puah gives concise notes explaining the concepts which gives a better and easier way to revise and understand. His lesson also allow us to write down the notes so we can absorb the concepts as he teaches. Mr Puah also gives clear explanation whenver consulting him with questions which helps to clarify my doubts, thank you Mr Puah.” - Sophia Chua, AJC, 2017/18

“Hi Mr Puah,thank you for teaching me chemistry.Even though I did not join your lessons very early, I feel that I have learnt a lot from you.Hearing your explanations and tips for the practise questions really helped me to understand and remember key chemistry concepts. Thank you once again for teaching me and I really appreciate all the hard work you have put into your lessons.“- Justin Looi, CJC, 2017/18

“Hi Mr Puah! Thank you so much for your patient guidance and all the painstaking effort you put into every single one of your lessons in the past 2 years. Immensely grateful for all the long hours you spent helping me clarify my doubts after class and the sheer amount of detail that you put into your teaching that has enabled me to master all the concepts and answer a variety of questions with confidence:) Not only that, your notes have been very informative, organised and reader-friendly, which is also the main reason why I often find myself referring to your notes for my revision instead of my school’s:p Thank you for helping me achieve my A! Really couldn't have done it without you:)” - Charmaine Lim, RJC, 2017/18

“I came to Mr Puah after a friend’s recommendation and found that the pace of the lesson allowed me to understand chemistry much easier. When I first joined, I managed only a S at best, but after a few months I scored a C for my prelims. The more crucial point is that I finally understood Chemistry concepts after Mr Puah’s explanations and this made learning Chemistry much simpler and enjoyable. Mr Puah is a very dedicated teacher, making short tutorial videos online that explain concepts, allowing me to recap on these concepts at my own pace. I found these videos really helpful towards my learning. Mr Puah also takes the time to throughly clear any of our doubts or misconceptions. Thank you for being such a great tutor Mr Puah!” - Walden Lim, RJC, 2017/18

“Thank u Mr Puah. I should have joined earlier. I probably havent mastered all the topics but i'm able to appreciate and understand chem better with your help. You were really helpful especially clarifying my doubts after class and replying promptly to my questions via whatsapp!!” - Khoo Reina, SRJC, 2017/18

“Mr Puah is a dedicated teacher whom I am extremely thankful to him for helping me pull up my grades from S in Prelims to a B in A-levels. Under his tutelage with his unique and effective teaching methods and resources, I had revised and corrected my silly mistakes over time. In addition, Mr Puah is a very helpful teacher who would stay back after class to answer any questions that we have in details. Thank you Mr Puah for helping me to see great leap in my results!!!” - Michaelia Tan, TJC, 2017/18

“After joining Chemistry Guru in J1, Mr Puah helped me build a strong foundation in Chemistry. He is a patient and knowledgeable tutor who is always approachable. With his help and tutorage I learnt a lot and managed to get a B in A Levels!” - Amos Ng, YJC, 2017/18

“Mr Puah is a sincere and very helpful teacher and has helped me a lot in H2 Chemistry! He is always happy to help me with any misconceptions or to clear any doubts i may have and this really helped me to understand the content better. The summary notes we received were really useful nearing A levels as it helped me to grasp and recap on the content i needed in a short period of time. Always grateful for a motivated and earnest tutor like Mr Puah!” - Goh Sian Ying, YJC, 2017/18

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Student Testimonials for A Levels 2017 (announced in Feb 2018)

"Hi! I got a B for H2 chem. I have always struggled with chemistry! Mr Puah's teaching has helped me improve my chemistry grade tremendously within a short period of 2 months. He is very clear in explanation and provides me with a new perspective on how to tackle the questions. His teaching gave me the boost I needed during the last leg of the A levels!" - Brenda Lee, ACJC, 2016/17

"Mr Puah is an excellent teacher that has helped me with his extremely concise and friendly teaching! When I was struggling and failing in J2 with Organic Chemistry, his consultations were very helpful and eventually helped me get the grade I wanted :)" - Fergus Mok, AJC, 2016/17

"I had a lot of struggle passing Chemistry since J1 but after joining Chemistry Guru I have seen improvement in my marks and it has also helped me sustain a good score for chemistry. The resources given were also very useful as well and the guidance given by Mr. Puah is something I could never ask for more. He was willing to help us in every way he could." - Thurghe Vaishnavi, IJC, 2016/17

"Thank you for being a great chem tutor! Your lessons are very detailed and i enjoyed it when you went an extra mile to explain things that were never explained by my school notes. My chem foundation was never strong but thank you for taking your time and answering my questions!" - Christy Chua, NJC, 2016/17

"thank u so much mr Puah, you are super helpful nice & approachable! u have really made me appreciate chem bc before joining ur classes I absolutely hated the subject lol but things have changed now :b i will miss your lessons :)" - Constance Tan, NJC, 2016/17

"Hi Mr Puah,I got B for my chem.Even though it wasn't the results I expected but it was still a major improvement from my prelim grades.Your teaching methods allow me to quickly grasp the important concepts and it made chem much easier to understand.I feel that I made the right choice signing up for your tution before A lvl.Thank you Mr Puah!!" - Diong Wei Jun, PJC, 2016/17

"Mr Puah is truly an inspiring teacher. He is always willing to stay back after classes to clarify our queries, and replies messages promptly to clear our doubts! He has the ability to make the once seemingly complex topics easy to understand, and also giving us one-shot technique that is useful in tackling questions of the same topic in the future. I had picked up many tips and tricks from attending his classes, and chemistry did really seem easier as compared to when I hasn't joined. Thank you Mr Puah for pulling up my grades, it was a regret not finding out about ChemGURU earlier if not I'm pretty I can perform even better.
Tips to juniors: Paper1 is equally important and has the ability to pull u down by 1 grade! Be consistent in all exam papers even though MCQ is the last." - Mandy Ho, PJC, 2016/17

"Hi Mr Puah, got a B for Chem and am abit disappointed in myself but am very thankful for all your lessons and guidance. You are really caring and always took time to answer all my questions after lessons which helped to clarify many basic misconceptions I had. Thanks for working so hard for the past year and all the best!" - Chester Ng, RJC, 2016/17

"Thanks Mr Puah for helping me with my chemistry! I was doing quite badly for chem because I couldn't understand a few topics but with his patient guidance and comprehensice materials, I managed to improve to an A at A levels! Thanks again for all the help :)" - Elena Lee, RJC, 2016/17

"Mr Puah puts a lot of effort in preparing his lessons and is very patient in helping his students understand the topic and correct any misconceptions! My chemistry improved quickly under his tutelage and I'm Very grateful for his help" - Hu Junyi, RJC, 2016/17

"Hi Mr Puah I got an A for chem!! (""": this was really a dream for me, and I would like to thank u so much for all the help you have given me since I joined at the end of j1 (back when I still got an E for chem). Really so glad that I made the decision to join ur class, because you really helped me grasp the chem concepts in a much easier way, and chem suddenly made so much more sense to me haha :) Thanks too for always entertaining my questions because you really clarified my doubts(: I'll actually recommend people to join ur class right from the beginning so they can lay the foundation well from the start HAHAHA THANKS SO MUCH MR PUAH!!!! :) - Joan Koh, RJC, 2016/17

"hello Mr Puah! thank you for all the effort you put into our classes to ensure that we understand our chemistry concepts fully, and for always being patient with us- always willing to clarify any doubts we have, even outside of lesson time. I started out as a fumbling student with abysmal chemistry grades, but under your tutelage I managed to regain my interest and obtain a greater understanding of chemistry which enabled me to score A for the A-level exams. I am extremely grateful for your help!" - Lim Wei Zheng, RJC, 2016/17

"Hi Mr Puah, I got an A for Chem! Really really thankful for all the help you have given me and was honestly surprised that I managed to get an A after never having come close to it for 2 years. Your way of teaching and ability to simplify the hardest of concepts with analogies is truly inspiring! Once again would like to thank you for all the help and support you've given me and I'm sure you'll manage to nurture and inspire a ton more 'A's for Chemistry!" - Lucas Foo, RJC, 2016/17

"Hi Mr Puah, I got a B for chem (: Your enriching and interesting teaching methods make me look forward to chemistry tuition every monday and the trips from boonlay to bishan and bishan to cck worth it ! :) Thank you!" - Fong Jing Han, RVHS, 2016/17

"Hi sir i got a B for chem. I really appreciate all the help youve given me for the past 2 years to help me understand chem and going the extra mile to stay back after lessons to clear my doubts. Thank you for everything" - Mark Wee, SAJC, 2016/17

"mr Puah is very knowledgeable in his field of study and was able to address all of my questions. he was very patient and went beyond his job scope and stayed back almost every lesson to address all of my questions, this has allowed me to score an A for my a level exams! thank you mr Puah!" - Vanessa Toh, SAJC, 2016/17

"Mr Maverick Puah is a motivating and inspiring teacher who is able to explain difficult concepts in an easily digestible format. He also provides very concise yet comprehensive notes that are very useful studying tools. He is a very patient teacher who will answer students' questions in a clear and concise manner and is aware of the common misconceptions of students and is therefore able to focus on important parts to ensure that students fully understand chemistry and do not have any misconceptions." - Thomas Tio, SRJC, 2016/17

"Mr Puah's lessons were always engaging and there was ample opportunity for us to explore different solutions for various organic chemistry questions, or to ask questions to clarify my doubts to deepen my understanding of the topic of discussion. Attending Mr Puah's lessons exposed me to numerous tips helpful in answering questions and expanded my knowledge of the topics with his interactive style of teaching. I'm thankful for Mr Puah's dedication in going through complicated questions and theories in great detail. One can definitely expect to acquire tips to study Chemistry and gain much skills to answering questions from his classes. Thank you Mr Puah! :)" - Sandy Wu, TJC, 2016/17

"Thank you Mr Puah for your help in improving my chemistry grade to a B. After struggling in school for awhile, your classes really helped to condense the content and link the different chapters for easy learning. The notes were very effective in my revision too. Thank you!" - Ng Jun Yang, TPJC, 2016/17

"Hi Mr Puah, thank you very much for your guidance through the preparation journey to As. I'm happy to say I got an A for Chemistry. I never would have imagined myself to have achieved it from a U when I first entered your tuition. But your notes really cleared up many gaps I had and were very much key in my revision for the actual paper. Thank you once again." - Joy Eng, VJC, 2016/17

"Hello Mr Puah, i got a B for chem. This is the highest grade I got for chem in my entire two years. The notes provided by you are very very concise and gets straight to the point, which makes memorising chemical equations and reactions so much more effortless. Furthermore drawing "cartoons" allowed for better illustration and understanding, which is so much better than the black and white pictures in our school lecture notes. Mr Puah's 2-3 pages of notes can easily replace my school's 26 pages of notes, simply because it cuts out all the unnecessary information. Mr Puah also teaches some out of syllabus stuff so as to allow better understanding. Overall, my chem grade would have been so much worst without this tuition ;)" - Goh Meng Huang, YJC, 2016/17

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Student Testimonials for A Levels 2016 (announced in Feb 2017)

“Hi Mr Puah, I got a B for my chemistry. Although it isnt the best, I am quite satisfied with the result as this is probably my first pass in a chemistry exam :P Thank you once again for all your help and guidance, and your notes. :))” - Alfred See, AJC, 2015/16

“After undertaking in the Chemistry Guru programme for the whole of my A Level tenure and achieving top results in both prelims & A levels, I feel that Chemistry Guru has indeed been well worth my time. The simple, yet concise notes alongside Mr Puah's masterful teaching, guidance and patience has enabled me to grow and hone my abilities in Chemistry. Thanks a million, Mr Puah!” - Anonymous, AJC, 2015/16

“Hi Mr Puah, thank you for all your help. I got a B for my chem. Your classes really helped me a lot due to the effective recap of the topics, additional information and exposure to many questions. In addition to that, your constant encouragement and useful tips and materials really guided me throughout the whole year, right until the exams. Thank you.” - Faheemah, AJC, 2015/16

“Before attending Chem Guru, I hated Chemistry a lot and had no idea how to study the subject at all. However, after I started attending chem guru, I slowly began to understand and like the subject and I realise that the concept is actually very simple. Mr Puah broke down the different topics in a way such that I could understand Chemistry in a more holistic manner. I am very thankful I attended his lessons which made me look at chemistry in a brand new way.” - Leon Yeoh, AJC, 2015/16

“Hi Mr Puah! I got A for Chem! Thanks for reigniting my love for chemistry after being disappointed and unmotivated because I was always below average in my school exams. I would not have been able to score a distinction without your help! Your lessons are clear and simple to understand and even through text, your answers are straight to the point. You really made chemistry more fun. Thank you so much!” - Oh Jin Hui, AJC, 2015/16

“Thanks Mr Puah, Great learning journey in chemistry with you. Your teaching is very direct, straight to the point. You can pick out the key features of every topic. Thank you again.” - Oh Jun Ming, AJC, 2015/16

“Mr Puah is an extremely dedicated tutor, who goes out of his way to clarify any doubts or questions his students may have. He is a very patient tutor, whose teaching style I am very fond of. His clear and effective lessons helped me  make better sense of the crucial aspects of each topic, giving me greater confidence in the buildup towards the A levels exams. Thank you Mr Puah!” - Yow Chen En, AJC, 2015/16

“Hi Mr Puah, I got an A for chem! Thank you so much for your guidance in chem & without your help, I don't think I would have been able to jump so many grades in 6 months. I enjoyed your lessons very much and your notes were really very helpful :-)” - Cheryl Goh, ACJC, 2015/16

“Thank you Mr Puah for making Chem so easy to understand and for making Chem so interesting that it became my fav subject!!! Got an A for Chem!!! :)” - Dora Tay, ACJC, 2015/16

“I have never passed any of my school Chemistry exam except the first one. It was not that I never tried hard enough. I did. But I was never able to grasp Chemistry as it was taught in school or as was taught by my private tutor. Mr Puah made Chemistry simple for me to understand. He provides structure during his lessons through the use of mind maps, tables, etc so that I could follow his lessons with little difficulty. These are also very useful for revision purposes. In addition, he uses examples to illustrate key concepts; just the right number so that I am not overwhelmed. He gave pointers for eg. common mistakes, highlighted misconceptions and imparted vital exam skills that helped me gain confidence; enough to feel motivated to take on more and more questions to challenge myself. My only regret is not attending Mr Puah's lessons earlier. I started attending Mr Puah's classes in July during my second year in JC. I sat for the GCE A exam in November and obtained a B. Not a big deal for most people but to me, it was a feat. He could, in only 4 months, do something that others couldn't do for me in one and a half years. Thank you, Mr Puah :)” - Najat Binte Wahid, ACJC, 2015/16

“Struggling with JC chem? Finding it hard to push your chem grades past a pass? Chem guru is your answer. The transition from secondary school to JC chem was not kind to me at all. I was consistently failing my tests, and I had lost all interest in chem. Chem guru's comprehensive lessons and passion helped me regain my interest in chem and achieve the best grade I've ever gotten in my JC journey in my A level examinations, a B! To those who need help in chem, Chem guru's the way to go!” - Timothy Tan Lin Yun, CJC, 2015/16

“Hi Mr Puah, Tsinrong here. I managed to get an A for chemistry! Thank you very much for your help. I really benefited from your notes - it was very helpful to refer to for quick recaps! Especially the notes for Organic Chem! It made everything so much easier to memorise :) and thank you for your patience during consult sessions after class even though it took quite long sometimes! All the best Mr Puah and I hope more students can benefit from your teaching! :)” - Lee Tsinrong, HCI, 2015/16

“I got an A for Chem! Thank you so much Mr Puah, for making the subject so much more enjoyable, and clarifying complex concepts while providing such succinct notes.” - Tan Si Jia, HCI, 2015/16

“Hi Mr Puah I got an A for chem!! Thanks for providing us with notes that targets the important concepts tested and being patient during consultations! Managed to pull my grade up from a U in BT2 to B in prelims after I joined and finally an A in the A Levels!” - Wu Licheng, HCI, 2015/16

“I was having trouble passing chemistry for a large part of my JC life. It was rather late in J2 when I started going for Chemistry Guru tuition. With his detailed explaining of concepts and patient clarifying of doubts, Mr Puah managed to improve my A-level chemistry grade to an A only within a few months. I'm truly grateful to him for helping me miraculously achieve something that I never thought I would be able to.” - Rachel Lim, RI, 2015/16

“Mr Puah is truly a passionate teacher who ensures that every lesson is productive. When I first joined his class merely a few months away from A levels, I was very confused about several concepts and I was not feeling confident. However, since Mr Puah focuses on a specific topic per lesson, and since he goes through every area with great detail, I was able to quickly clear my doubts. His useful examination tips simplified several complicated theories taught in school, which helped me feel more prepared. I'm really grateful! Thank you so much Mr Puah, with your help I was able to improve from an E to A grade in a few months!” - Ravindranath Chrishma, RI, 2015/16

“I have improved tremendously under Mr Puah. His notes are very concise yet have a full coverage on the various topics. He will highlight the important concepts that are tested and encourage us to memorise through mind maps and tables. The lessons on organic chem are especially effective as Mr Puah often explain the fundamentals, which are not in syllabus, but essential for us to grasp the concepts that makes organic chem easy and understandable. Thank you Mr Puah for your guidance.” - Song Lizhi, RI, 2015/16

“Chemistry was really a tough subject for me especially in year 6 and i finally decided to seek external help at the second half of year 6, which is pretty late. Even though i only joined for abount 3 months before A levels started, i managed to understand the concepts and link the questions to the content knowledge. Chemistry really became easier to understand in Chem Guru because of the clear and concise explanations as well as tricks that can help students to remember better. Mr Puah also went the extra mile of giving me consultations after the lessons which really helped me. I also appreciated the fact that Mr Puah always made sure that we get out basics right first before going on the challenging questions. Thank you very much!” - Zhu Qi, RI, 2015/16

“Mr Puah is very thorough and rigour in teaching concepts for A level chemistry and he goes an extra mile in letting us know the common mistakes made in examinations which make us more cautious and attentive and definitely more well prepped for exams. He really breaks down mind boggling concepts into simplistic ways for us to remember and understand. I've never felt so enlightened learning A level chemistry as I have been getting Us throughout my JC life. Attending his classes made me improve so much!” - Ezzah Zafeerah, TPJC, 2015/16

“I got an A for Chem :) Chem Guru has really made learning and understanding chemistry a whole lot easier and I thank Mr Puah for his patience and guidance that helped me improve from an S to an A!” - Shann Liew, VJC, 2015/16

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Student Testimonials for A Levels 2015 (announced in Feb 2016)

“As a student who has constantly failed chem during J1, Chemistry Guru has been my life saver :) With difficult concepts made easy by Mr Puah, I've managed to understand chem a lot better through my J2 years and it even made me love chem:) Cheers!” - Ng Qing Hao, AJC, 2014/15

"Mr Puah's notes are really helpful as they are really neatly organized and tell you what are impt in the chapters. He is also v kind and patient in his explanation and has helped me improve my chem grade from an U to a B. Thank you Mr Puah!" - Celine Goh, ACJC, 2014/15

"You are really a good teacher that simplifies this 'tough' subject and make chemistry more enjoyable for students like me. Thank you so much for having the spirit to teach and help me, despite me not being able to pay the fees for the last stretch. Your actions really aid in me getting a good grade for Chemistry today! 谢谢 for your passion in teaching and specialising in chemistry and hope you will be able to inspire all your students, like how you did for me!" - Ong Li Xian, ACJC, 2014/15

"Getting a B for A levels may not be as great as an A but I'm really really satisfied with it seeing how I always got a U before joining his class The effects of his lessons showed really fast too. For the first exam since joining his class, I jumped to an A! It also helps that he's really friendly and approachable so you can ask anything If it means anything, I like his lessons the most, they're not a drag like school lessons or other tuitions I've been to, hehe I'll definitely recommend him to my friends (or you)! Thanks for everything, Mr Puah! I hope you continue teaching and make a difference for students like me :) All the best!" - Ng Yi Cheng, CJC, 2014/15

"I struggled for chemistry throughout JC, as i did not know how to apply the concepts that were being taught to answer the questions. I remembered going for my first lesson with some trepidation but to my surprise, Mr Puah was a very humourous and encouraging teacher. He explains the hardest concepts in the simplest way possible and taught me that some questions has just that particular standard way of answering. (No need to think too much, it gets more complicated if you think it that way, the answer is just here.) thats what he always says. That is also how i learnt the tips and techniques in answering chemistry questions. I certainly improved in my chemistry, thank you mr Puah for being a very dedicated chemistry tutor in my two years of JC, and encouraging me, and helping me to pull through A levels. I couldnt have done it without your help. Thank you!" - Angie, DHS, 2014/15

"Hi Mr Puah, I got an A for chem!!! Thanks so much for your help & it was really quite surprising I went from a U to an A in 6 months!! Thanks for being such clear and patient tutor and I hope you will continue to help more students achieve great results and more importantly make them thoroughly understand chem concepts!!" - Kay Tan, HCI, 2014/15

"Chemistry Guru made my chem results improve tremendously by simplifying the concepts and making it easier for students to understand. Thank you!" - Loh Wan Yuan, HCI, 2014/15

"I struggled with chemistry ever since secondary school and I've never done well for chemistry in general. Throughout JC I was always behind lessons and lectures as I could not grasp the concepts of chemistry fast enough. But after joining chemguru, my understanding for the subject deepened and I was able to tackle the A level questions much more accurately through the clear and concise notes and lessons provided by chemguru! I enjoyed Mr Puah's lessons with his great sense of humour, always explaining concepts in a simplified way for us to grasp more easily. He taught the main focus of every topic with clarity and never failed to repeat the important pointers that were crucial in exams so that we would remember them. Thank you Mr Puah for not making tuition boring and for helping me bring up my chemistry standards!!" - Gwen Sim, NJC, 2014/15

“Mr Puah is a very patient tutor who is always willing to go the extra mile for his students! His lessons are very clear and concise, and the resources he provides are useful in revision. Thank you so much!” - Cheryl Chin, RI, 2014/15

"Hi Mr Puah I got an A for chem :-) thank you for your teaching and guidance in chem, although I only joined your class a few months before As, your explanations and reasonings really helped my understanding of the concepts! And also thank you for being accommodating to our frequent requests to change classes" - Gillian Lee, RI, 2014/15

“Despite only attending lessons at Chemistry Guru for less than six months, I found the lessons to be very useful. The timed practice sessions, along with Mr Puah's detailed reviews, improved my confidence in tackling the different Chem papers. From consistently doing poorly for Chem, I eventually managed to secure an A for the A level exams, with help from the Chemistry Guru. Thank you Mr Puah!” - Melissa Tang, RI, 2014/15

“Chem Guru helped me improve from a U in prelims to a B for A levels in less than 3 months!! Mr Puah was very helpful and friendly and the materials he provided were really useful.” - Natalie Chiu, RI , 2014/15

"I got A for chem :)) I got a E grade for my Prelim 1 in July. Mr Puah's lessons are engaging and teaches us how to apply the content learnt into practical answering. Every lesson was engaging and Mr Puah made sure our foundation for the subject was well grounded." - Sing Hui, RVHS, 2014/15

Student Testimonials for A Levels 2014 (announced in Feb 2015)

“The concise notes definitely helped a lot in my revision and the understanding of the core concepts of chemistry, and made revising a lot more efficient and easier. Mr Puah was also extremely patient and approachable, and easy to consult when I had any doubts or needed to clarify any concepts. After attending this tuition for a few months, I leaped leaps and bounds from failing chemistry to a C in prelim 2 and finally obtaining an A in A levels." - Jymie Ng, IJC, 2013/14

“Thanks alot Mr Puah! You are really helpful and patient when answering all my doubts, even the stupid ones!” - Gan Zi Xing, NJC, 2013/14

"Mr Puah spends a lot of time preparing concise notes for us and often goes to great extent in explaining the chemistry behind things. He makes us remember things better by illustrating complicated chemistry theories using simple words and diagrams which helped in our understanding." - Kang Shi Zheng, NJC, 2013/14

“Thanks Mr Puah for being such a patient tutor and making concepts easier for me! Scored a U all my life to a B for my A levels! He is really The Chemistry Guru!” - Lau Yong Le, NJC, 2013/14

“Thanks for your tutoring! Your detailed explanations helped a lot! :)” - Denise Deng, RJC, 2013/14

"Although I only joined Mr Puah's tuition for a few months before my A's, I really benefitted from his mindmaps and notes. He made such a complex topic so easy to understand, breaking down different parts of the topic for us to identify with." - Lee Simin, RJC, 2013/14

“Mr Puah is a very careful chemistry teacher that emphasizes very much on the important areas needed to score in Chemistry. The concise and detailed notes self made by Mr Puah has helped my tremendously in my revision. My chemistry grade has all along been undesirable but i have managed to achieve good results under Mr Puah's guidance. Thank you Mr Puah!" - Bryan Lew, RVHS, 2013/14

“Mr Puah's teaching is clear and easy to understand. The resources he provides are concise and provides ample amounts of practice, further adding to the effectiveness of his teaching. My chemistry grades have improved under his guidance and he has made the subject much easier!” - Marcus Lim, SAJC, 2013/14

“Thanks for helping me to improve my chemistry grade. I honestly wasn't expecting anything more than a pass, but I got more than what I hoped for. Thank you!” - Ng Wan Rou, SRJC, 2013/14

“I’m grateful that I’ve attended your classes, because if not I may have failed Chemistry. Your teachings have also allowed me to understand concepts better through various techniques. Thank you!” - Nur Shamilah, SRJC, 2013/14

“Mr Puah has been one of the most patient teachers I've met. He never fails to clear all my doubts. His notes were comprehensive and easy to read and understand. He never fails to make studying chemistry a little easier and interesting by giving the different facts a catch phrase or a 'pet-name' which lightens our memory load. He is indeed an amazing teacher which made me view chemistry in a whole new level after attending his tuition lessons. My chemistry started off with Us and with steady improvements, the end result was amazing. Once again, thank you Mr Puah.” - Esther Chan, TPJC, 2013/14

“Lessons were fun and engaging~~ Found myself liking Chemistry more after I started going for Chemistry Guru lessons because I could make sense of what was being thought, unlike in school. Truly enjoyed the lessons~~ Thank your Mr Puah!” - Chua Ser Min, VJC, 2013/14

"Through clear explanations as well as concise and useful lesson materials, Mr Puah has made the learning of chemistry much more enjoyable and fun. Lessons with Mr Puah are hugely beneficial and engaging, and has helped me gain a better and deeper understanding of the subject. This has ultimately contributed to me making gradual improvements in my chemistry grades in school, and eventually doing well at the A Levels. With Mr Puah, chemistry has indeed been made simpler.:)" - Lew Yi Jie, VJC, 2013/14

“Your classes were really productive. Your notes were concise and understanding was never a problem. During classes you have pointed out important cocepts and explain them very well. Thank you very much” - Premanand Vijayadas, YJC, 2013/14

Student Testimonials for A Levels 2013 (announced in Feb 2014)

"Mr Puah's teaching has made chemistry concepts a whole lot easier to understand! His summaries and notes are really concise, remembering and applying the various concepts have become much more easier than before, especially the mindmaps he created for certain topics. He really helped me improved my foundation in chemistry and also improved my grades significantly. Never thought I could do it. Thanks so much Mr Puah!" - Lim Hui Jun, AJC, 2012/13

"You are a very patient teacher that simplifies concepts that makes it easier for me to understand. The concise notes also help me to remember the key ideas for each topic better!" - See Yi Han, AJC, 2012/13

"The lessons were engaging and informative.  Exam tips given were useful and structured." - Tan Junn Wei, AJC, 2012/13

"Mr Puah is a very patient and dedicated teacher. His lessons are concise and well structured, and notes and questions given are highly relevant. His explanation of concepts are easy to understand as well. Thanks Mr Puah!" - Anonymous, ACJC, 2012/13

"Thank you so much for your guidance and teaching for chemistry! It has been an honour being your student and learning from you! Thanks!" - Daniel Ng, CJC, 2012/13

"Improve from U to A. Really thank for your help. Without you I definitely can't achieve it!" - Marcus Neo, CJC, 2012/13

"Mr Puah had helped me to improve my Chem grade tremendously since I first joined him after my J1 July CT. I was able to understand concepts better and get to know many useful exam answering techniques. His notes are very concise and easy to comprehend. I started with an E and improved to B at Prelim and finally A for A Levels. Thank you Mr Puah for being such a patient and wonderful Chem tutor!" - Anonymous, DHS, 2012/13

"I'd really like to thank you for making lessons more enjoyable and interesting to be in. I really enjoyed learning the subject and appreciated it so much more :) Still thankful that you made chemistry less boring and more engaging for me. I didn't do as well as I should have but it has become one of my favourite subjects over the two years in College! Thank you Mr Puah." - Lim Jia Rui, HCI, 2012/13

"Mr. Puah delivers chemistry in a manner which makes it so much more manageable. He was able to teach what I thought was an overwhelming subject in a clear, concise and effective manner. Clear because his explanations are easy to understand. Concise because he prints out summaries for us to fill in, and thus we know what are the important things to take note of. Lastly, effective, as he goes through practice questions which consist of standard questions and common stun questions thus teaching us how to apply our knowledge which is a necessary skill in order to do well (many people lack application skills and mug/memorize inefficiently). I’m really grateful to have joined his tuition classes as it has allowed me to “see the light” in Chemistry. Thank you Mr. Puah!" - Kimberlyn Nicole Tjipto, HCI, 2012/13

"With his patience and understanding when explaining complex chem concepts, and with his comprehensive notes & practice qns, Mr Puah is definitely a Chemistry Guru and an awesome teacher to boot. Thank you!" - Sarah Ng, MJC, 2012/13

"Mr Puah is an easy-going, relaxed tutor, and he makes tuition genuinely enjoyable. He slips in helpful tips throughout each session e.g. acronyms, and yet he ensures we understand topics well enough not to have to rely on memory, allowing us to work out formulas/equations/etc from scratch. I went from a failing grade to As, all thanks to Mr Puah." - Nadia Lee, RI, 2012/13

"Thanks for all your tricks & tips and for simplifying difficult concepts that I could never understand in school. My usual grades in school are usually U/S. Really could never understand what was wrong/what was it that I don't know and only in y6 did I seek help. then I realized I have alot of fundamental misconceptions which really really helped my grades." - Bernice Yap, RVHS, 2012/13

"Thank you Mr Puah for providing simpler and more efficient ways to approach chemistry and solve the complicated questions. Your repetitive emphasis on the tricky and common questions has indeed helped me greatly. I hope you'll pass the useful techniques to your future students and help them pass their chemistry with flying colours." - Doreen Leong, RVHS, 2012/13

"I have been getting straight low U throughout J1 & start of J2, then after entering tuition in mid-year, i really learn alot of concepts that are quite neglected in school. Although the pace is fast, the lessons are generally good. Thanks for your guidance" - Er Hui Geok, RVHS, 2012/13

"Mr Puah is undoubtedly a brilliant chemistry tutor. His notes are excellent for revision, and exercises are crafted to fortress one's foundation. His lessons helped me to demystify mind-boggling concepts, and through his lessons, studying for chemistry seemed effortless as compared to before. He is truly a fine teacher!" - Anonymous, TJC, 2012/13

"The notes are short and crisp and easy to understand. The lessons are also easy to understand." - Chan Khai Hsien, TPJC, 2012/13

Student Testimonials for A Levels 2012 (announced in Feb 2013)

"Thanks A LOT for all the help you offered me. I found your summary sessions exceptionally useful. It's like somehow you managed to cover everything the topic requires in your classes! And I'm really REALLY thankful for all the help you've given me. THANKS A LOT AGAIN MR PUAH!" - Glenn Sim, AJC, 2011/12

"Mr Puah has helped me improved tremendously within a short few months, from a usual U grade in school to a B grade in A levels. He is knowledgeable about the subject syllabus and is often very accurate in spotting the types of questions tested in examinations. Also, he is able to correct our misunderstandings in chemistry efficiently. I am grateful to have him as my tutor." - Lau Jing Yi, AJC, 2011/12

"Mr Puah makes chemistry easily understood through concise summaries and streamlined teaching. He prepares well before lessons and helps students gain a more thorough understanding of the concepts. All in all, a good and dedicated tutor!" - Nga Wan Yi, AJC, 2011/12

"Interesting teacher and the lessons really strengthen one's basics" - Ng Yong Sheng, AJC, 2011/12 

"Mr Puah is a really helpful tutor who is always willing to clarify our doubts even after class time. His brilliant teaching methods have enabled me to pick up many key concepts quickly and I managed to score a B for chemistry in A levels, despite the constant U grade I had gotten in school. His informative lessons really filled the gaps in my knowledge of chemistry and I really appreciate having a teacher like Mr Puah. Thank you!" - Sherlyn, AJC, 2011/12

"Thanks for all the help! Your lessons were interesting and systematic. You made chemistry easy to understand and enjoyable! Thanks for everything again :)" - Justin Tan, ACJC, 2011/12

"Mr Puah is a highly approachable teacher who never fails to answer our queries about chemistry. His use of mind maps and challenging questions helped me to foster a greater understanding of chem and thus, able to handle the varied nature of A level Chem questions confidently. Under him, my grades improved from a D in promos to an A in A levels. In short, Mr Puah is an A++ teacher :D" – Tan Ee Siong, ACJC, 2011/12

"Mr Puah is a dedicated teacher and teaches in a very concise manner that is easy to grasp and remember. His notes summarise heavy content and is very useful when studying and memorising for A-levels. I would definitely recommend him to my friends!" - Xavier See, CJC, 2011/12

"Thanks for all your effort and time in helping me. Chemistry has become my favourite subject these past 2 years." - Felicia Lee, HCI, 2011/12

"Thank you Mr Puah for the clear and concise method of teaching chemistry which really made learning chemistry very fun and easy! In fact I look forward to your lessons every week as you are able to dissect difficult terms and make it understandable to all!" - Seah Raynian, MJC, 2011/12

"I think you are very concise in teaching. The technique to answer questions you teach are remarkable. Very few teachers are able to do it :)" - Yap Xin Horng, MJC, 2011/12

"Mr Puah's chem tuition really helped me with my chem revision, especially the mindmaps for certain topics. Thank you!" - Dehn See Toh, RI, 2011/12

"Mr Puah is a dedicated teacher. My foundation and understanding in Chemistry was strengthened through his effective methods of teaching. I also would not have been able to handle the Chemistry exam without his advice on exam strategies. Mr Puah truly helped me achieve a breakthrough in Chemistry." - Cindry Handojo, SAJC, 2011/12

"I was a U student since JC1, constantly unable to grasp the concepts taught. However, since joining Chemistry Guru in JC 2, my grades have improved significantly. I attribute this to Mr Puah's concise notes and crystal clear delivery of content. His great wealth of chemistry knowledge also meant that he could answer all our quipping queries. Learning chemistry has never been so easy. Eventually, I scored a B at A levels. I owe this humble achievement greatly to the Chemistry Guru, Mr Puah." - Mark Ng, SAJC, 2011/12

"Even though I only joined Mr Puah's class at the beginning of J2 due to CCA commitments, Mr Puah managed to help me improve from S in school examinations to a B in the A Level. His clear concepts are easily absorbed and understood, making A Level Chemistry a whole lot more manageable." - Toh Kiat Sheng, SAJC, 2011/12

"Ever since enrolling into Chemistry Guru classes, my grades have tremendously improved from a mediocre E grade in the Mid-term examination to a C grade for prelims and finally a B grade for A levels. Mr Puah's simplified yet concised notes has enabled me to grasp and understand key points much easier and he teaches us answering techniques to apply for different types of questions. He's friendly to approach should we have any question to ask and there is no doubt he is a number 1 chemistry tutor. THANK YOU!" - Ryan Gabriel Loh, TPJC, 2011/12

"Thanks for all the past lessons, you were a nice tutor and made chemistry concepts easier for me to understand :)" - Anonymous(by request of student), YJC, 2011/12

Student Testimonials for A Levels 2011 (announced in Feb 2012)

"U grade to an A in 4 months! Really loved the lessons. Concise, simple-to-understand and really really splendid!" - Jun Ching, NJC, 2010/11

"Thank you Mr Puah for your guidance the past year!" - Brian Ng, NYJC, 2010/11

"Thanks for all your guidance though it was short few months with you, I'm really glad I manage to push my chem from U to B! Thanks a million!" - Sharmaine Kek, SRJC, 2010/11

"You are a teacher that is very patient and clear in teaching, and is willing to explain everything in great detail. Definitely made learning chemistry easier with great flow charts and summaries! A big thank you!" - Nevin Sim, TJC, 2010/11

"You have been a great teacher and I thought the Organic Chem summary did great help! It kinda let me see the light! And my chem grades really did improve a lot! Thanks for the clear explanation and exam techniques! Thank you!" - Chua Xinyi, TJC, 2010/11

"Thanks to Chem Guru, I had an improvement in chemistry and my understanding of the subject has been made easier" - Angeline Lee, TPJC, 2010/11

"The summaries helped to crystallise the concepts so that the questions were easier to handle" - Claire Ooi, VJC, 2010/11

"Being a patient tutor, Mr Puah had assisted me in understanding the concepts easier. Lessons were easy to understand and pace was appropriate." - Lee Shu Hui, Private Candidate, 2011

"It's amazing how Mr Puah's lessons have contributed to the vast improvement of my chemistry grades from E (2010 A levels) to B (2011 A levels)! I was a private A level candidate when I started attending his lessons in 2011. His well-structured lessons that cover all of the important chemistry concepts have definitely helped me to better grasp the fundamentals of chemistry and to answer with precision. Definitely the recommended JC Chem tutor for all A level candidates!" - Nur Raihan, Private Candidate, 2011

Student Testimonials for A Levels 2010 (announced in Feb 2011)

"As a chemistry tutor, Mr Puah has been able to effectively relate and meet my needs at the personal level. He is precise and concise in his teaching methods, and is able to guide me well and help me in grasping a clear understanding of chemistry." - Kelvin Yeo, ACJC, 2009/10

"Mr Puah is a very friendly and dedicated chem tutor who is able to teach chemistry in efficient and easy-to-understand methods. The best chem tutor one can possibly have!" - Ming Chien, AJC, 2009/10

"Mr Puah is a teacher with an excellent grasp of the limits and scope of the syllabus. It is impossible not to benefit from his teaching!" - Wilson Choo, Dunman High, 2009/10

"I clarified a lot of chem concepts from Mr Puah which allowed me to better comprehend questions and answer them with precision." - Ho Wan Yeng, MJC, 2009/10

"Mr Puah was really helpful and patient during tuition. He simplified difficult concepts using his own diagrams and tables which helped me improve in my weaker topics such as protein chemistry and ionic equilibria." - Tan Kay Siang, MJC, 2009/10

"I was all along getting 'U's for chemistry as I just couldn't conceptualise most of the topics. After going for Mr Puah's chem classes, I started to get most of the concepts and the timed practice also helped me to have better time management when doing the papers." - Chew Meijun, NYJC, 2009/10

"Mr Puah has patience and does not mind spending more time to explain the concepts that we do not understand." - Lim Shan Shan, NYJC, 2009/10

"Mr Puah's chemistry lessons were extremely helpful in my preparation for the A levels. Chemistry has always been an uphill struggle for me till I attended his lessons. Mr Puah's lessons really cleared up my many misconceptions about certain chemistry topics. He has boundless patience and has always been there to motivate me to do my best. His enthusiasm for chemistry will also no doubt rub onto you. Mr Puah really turned chemistry from a subject I feared to a much enjoyed one!" - Anonymous (by request of student), RI, 2009/10

"Mr Puah is a dedicated chemistry teacher who has a comprehensive lesson plan that will prepare students adequately for the A levels. He has a clear and confident grasp of the A level chemistry content and is more than able to handle any question. Recommended for students aiming for A in chemistry!" - Benjamin Teo, RI, 2009/10

"Mr Puah is a friendly and approachable teacher who has helped me to better understand chemistry concepts and apply them. His comprehensive explanations have enabled me to grasp difficult chemistry topics and familiarise myself with exam questions in preparation for the A levels. His patience in teaching and constant encouragement has undoubtedly contributed to my immense improvement in chemistry!" – Cassandra, RI, 2009/10

"Mr Puah is a very good and friendly teacher! Explains concepts very well and helps me understand much better :) No question is too difficult for him! :))" - Cheryl Teo, SAJC, 2009/10

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